Mission Digital Transformation: Is Your Infrastructure Ready?

Mission Digital Transformation

By and large, most enterprises are developing or executing a digital strategy to transform their businesses. But what is digital transformation? In general, it’s the adoption of technology to deliver new products and experiences through digital channels, either to complement or, in some cases, replace physical interactions. Changing user expectations, new modes of engagement, and the need to improve speed and responsiveness are the main factors driving companies to update outdated processes and develop new applications. For the first time, even large enterprises are moving the focus on technology from the back office to core elements of their brands in order to compete and keep pace with the market.

Who’s Ready to Fully Embrace Digital?

Keeping pace with the evolving digital marketplace requires not only increased innovation, but also updated systems, tools, and teams. In order to deliver on the promise of digital transformation, organizations must also modernize their infrastructure to support the increased speed, scale, and change that comes with it.

A recent survey on digital transformation readiness by SignalFx uncovered that companies of all sizes are investing in at least the fundamental stages of readiness: 79% are implementing or have already implemented a plan to optimize infrastructure to enable digital transformation.

And, while 95% of IT Ops and DevOps indicated that their individual role impacts the success of their company’s digital transformation initiatives, the strategy for modernizing infrastructure prior to digital transformation isn’t exclusively owned by IT or dev management, but overseen by C-suite executives (CEO, CIO, CTO) half the time, indicating that operational preparedness may be understood as essential to success at the highest level of the business.

The infographic below outlines additional key findings.


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