Infographic: Data Storage Expectations By 2020

Data In A Day

The amount of data being processed, saved and stored today is more than ever before. While we all know the massive amount of data out there, it can be almost impossible to comprehend just how much is out there. In order to make that a little more clear, Cisco decided to use their recent Global Cloud Index (as well as a few other figures/sources) to come up with what happens in a “Data Center Day”.

This infographic looks at all that happens in the data world in 24 hours and the sheer size of some of the figures in this infographic are staggering.

  • There is 200 Million GB of new data stored in data centers every day.
  • There is 14 Billion GB of data transported server-to-server every day.
  • Every 24 hours, 1.2 Billion files are saved to Dropbox.
  • Amazon deploys as much server capacity every single day as their entire company had in 2005.

As you can see, these numbers are massive and are only expected to grow as data growth occurs more rapidly and becomes more complex. In fact, it is believed that instead of 200 Million GB of new data being saved every day, 600 Million GB will be saved daily by 2020.

Data centers are also going to look to expand with the data itself within the coming years. These centers are already extremely large and complex for the average person to understand, but their operations are only continuing to grow. Companies will look to seek out better ways to streamline and automate all kinds of data.

By Kale Havervold

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