Winning the data intelligence game

Winning the data intelligence game

Data intelligence A case can be made that every company is now a data company. But, it is the effective use of data and not amassing stockpiles of archived data that counts. The advent of big data inspired many businesses to ride the data intelligence
What You Need to Know About Gmail's New AI

What You Need to Know About Gmail’s New AI

Gmail's New AI In late April, Google gave its email service a significant overhaul. Besides getting a new look that includes a slightly different font style and differently shaped buttons, the interface has artificial intelligence features built into it. Available Around the World Every week,


Driving Transformation? It is possible to predict the future.

Driving Transformation? It is possible to predict the future.

Driving Transformation Previously, I wrote about the criticality of defining the Vision for your transformation - what is your real objective, how ...
Serverless Computing Necessitates A Significant Mind Shift

Serverless Computing Necessitates A Significant Mind Shift

Serverless Computing The author of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, Robert Browning, is one of my favorite English poets. He ...
5 Important VR Industry Trends Starting To Take Shape

5 Important VR Industry Trends Starting To Take Shape

5 Important VR Industry Trends In recent years, virtual reality (VR) finally made a move to the mainstream after largely ...


20 Leading Cloud CMS Wordpress Alternatives

20 Leading Cloud CMS WordPress Alternatives

THE FUTURE FOR CYBER SECURITY A study entitled, State of Cyber Security 2017, performed by ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association), suggested that cyber security staff are becoming increasingly difficult to find in such a rapidly expanding and evolving field ...
Key Findings of the 2018 IDG Cloud Computing Study

Key Findings of the 2018 IDG Cloud Computing Study

IDG Cloud Computing Study The results of the 2018 IDG Cloud Computing study highlight how interest in the technology isn’t fading and a growing number of companies are embracing it or at least want to do so. The survey, which ...
Colorado cloud computing

New Colorado Node – ViaWest

ViaWest Node

Recently, ViaWest unveiled a brand new cloud computing node in the heart of Colorado, giving customers in the Rocky Mountains more efficient access to applications and the cloud. It is the 10th of its kind, and adds to ViaWest’s fleet of 30 data centers across North America.

With high-speed and reliable access to the cloud more important than ever, this addition to the ViaWest network is more than welcome. While internet speeds have grown exponentially over the past decade, latency and network bottlenecks can still affect your business. With internet speeds of 200 mbps predicted in cities within the next 3 years, you are not only protecting yourself from the future, you are ensuring your business can run smoothly in the present.

The speed that applications can be accessed can have a very real impact on the bottom line,” said Michele Corvino, Director of Product Management for ViaWest.

She isn’t wrong – think of how much of every industry relies upon cloud applications, online-booking etc. And don’t forget your VoIP either, most businesses rely upon these services on a minute by minute basis – so any issues are going to immediately start eating into your profits!

To that end ViaWest stated in their press release that:

This cloud node enables our clients to place their applications closer to their users in the Rocky Mountain region so they can deliver service excellence to their internal and external customers.

The new dedicated cloud node will be hosted in the ViaWest Compark Data Center and will enable customers to get access to advanced hardware and lightning fast connections with lower latency.

This cloud node enables our clients to achieve speed, scale and efficiency and is connected to our network of cloud nodes and data centers located across the country by our high speed national backbone,” said Gunnar Stinnett, Vice President of Sales for the Rocky Mountain Region.

This investment enhances our ongoing commitment to serving clients in our home state of Colorado.

The Compark Data Center was opened in 2014, and has been touted as one of the most innovative and efficient in the world today, boasting a Power Usage Effectiveness of 1.3 and power density capabilities of more than 1,500 watts per square foot. Colorado was considered the perfect place for this new node and the Data Centre itself as it is environmentally, and technologically secure places in the country! Colorado, and more specifically Denver, has a booming start-up community and has become somewhat of a tech innovation hub over the last 5 years. And geographically, it’s location gives ease of access to the whole country through Denver International Airport.

ViaWest Chief Cloud Officer Jason Carolan spoke exclusively to CloudTweaks about this new unveiling:

Businesses of all sizes are moving to the cloud in both big and small ways, but the location of the cloud is key to delivering optimal response times and service excellence to users. This cloud node enables companies to place their applications where their users are in the Rocky Mountain region, and it is backed by ViaWest’s national backbone built with redundant storage and backup options and premium carrier connectivity, compliant-enabled features and managed services to support hyperscale cloud solutions such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

ViaWest have even won numerous awards for their work in Colorado including, ColoradoBiz Magazine’s “Top Company in 2014” award, “Built In Colorado’s Top 100 List,” “Xcel Energy’s Cooling Efficiency Champion,” the 2013 CTA “IT Service Provider of the Year,” and the Denver Post’s “Top 10 Places to Work in Colorado” awards. They are a company pushing forward in technology, innovation, and customer service, providing cloud solutions built for long-term growth.

By Josh Hamilton

Josh Hamilton

​Josh Hamilton ​is an aspiring journalist and writer who has written for a number of publications​ involving Cloud computing, Fintech and Legaltech​. ​Josh has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Law​ from ​Queen's University in Belfast​​.
Studies included, Politics of Sustainable Development, European Law, Modern Political Theory and Law of Ethics​.

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