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(SCRaaS) Screen as a Service and the Potential Possibilities

SCRaaS Screen as a Service

SCRaaS Screen as a Service

Excuse me; I need to duck into this telephone booth and turn into Spreadsheet (non-gender specific hero) Person!

One of the concepts that I have considered, published and pursued in the past four years is the broad concept of the Screen as a Service or what I call SCRaaS. In having a screen as a service, any screen would offer or publish its capabilities to any device. The example I always use when talking to people about this concept is the 1000 row excel spreadsheet. You know, the one your boss sends you on a Friday even as you are sitting in a restaurant waiting for your family. The one that your boss needs you to review all 1000 lines in the excels sheet in the next 11 minutes on YOUR SMART PHONE.

Well, Bucky that is what the concept of the SCRaaS is there to resolve. Remember back in the day when we used to have lots and lots of telephone booths? Where could you duck in and make a call, not disturbing those around you? You know, back in the day. The rise of the cellular phone made telephone booths no longer critical or for that matter even needed. They gradually faded away. Now we can have them again, giving you privacy, and a larger screen than your Smart Phone to review that 1000 line excel sheet while you are waiting for your family to get to the restaurant.

Standing in the lounge of the restaurant, you simply click on the find a monitor application, you will be prompted (public or private) and since this is work related you select private. The application then prompts you to wander over to what was once a telephone booth but has been now repurposed to become a screen as a service privacy booth. The bartender sees you heading to the booth and bring your beer to you, as you enter.

Building a system like this would not take much. SCRaaS is not a complex application; there are some devices you can plug into televisions that turn them into screens your mobile device can consume. The only addition is the Geo location, where are you, and the addition of privacy versus public. In the case of a birthday party, you could choose public and share the 1202 pictures of Uncle Frank as a young man. For work related Excel spreadsheet review, you can choose private, so no one else can see your screen.

It is a concept that I believe will be coming soon to a screen near you.

By Scott Anderson

About Scott Andersen

Scott Andersen is the managing partner and Chief Technology Officer of Creative Technology & Innovation. During his 25+ years in the technology industry Scott has followed many technology trends down the rabbit hole. From early adopter to last person selecting a technology Scott has been on all sides. Today he loves spending time on his boat, with his family and backing many Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects.