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With Radware Attack Mitigation, Continent 8 Plays a Winning Hand Against DDoS Attacks

MAHWAH, N.J., Aug. 10, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Radware® (NASDAQ:RDWR), a leading provider of cyber security and application delivery solutions, today announced that it has expanded its network within Continent 8 Technologies. Not only does Radware provide comprehensive, real-time DDoS attack mitigation for its data centers, but it will now also deliver DefenseSSL protection and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) portal access, enabling the service provider to fend off encrypted attacks and offer DDoS attack mitigation services to its clients. Before selecting Radware, the Continent 8 team had used a rate-limiting solution that required a good deal of manual intervention, making it difficult to mitigate attacks in real time, and became challenging to scale.

Continent 8 is a rapidly expanding global service provider, delivering advanced managed hosting and data center services across over 25 locations, spanning three continents.  Since its inception, the company has held a significant market share in the online gambling industry, and is now broadening its customer base across other industry sectors and geographies. The online gaming industry relies on constant availability. Any attack resulting in an outage could lead to massive revenue losses, poor customer experience, and reputational damages.

Continent 8’s business has scaled significantly in recent years into a global network with global IP Transit bandwidth commitments, which are generating multiple terabytes of data flow. It had to build centralized, high capacity scrubbing centers located in key high bandwidth locations, which are linked to a range of on-shore and off-shore hosting centers. Continent 8 needed a new security solution that could handle high traffic and attack volume, integrate with other services, provide customer portal access, and a view towards a ‘single pane of glass.’

Additionally, the amount of high value SSL encrypted traffic passing through Continent 8’s  network continued to increase.  The service provider found itself fending off encrypted DDoS attacks frequently, so it implemented Radware’s Defense SSL protection.

“Integrating Radware’s solutions as part of a suite of security offerings has enabled us to scale globally, and in doing so continue to provide the world-class level of service which our customers have come to expect,” said Stephen Trimble, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Continent 8. “Not only does Radware protect our infrastructure, but it allowed us to develop additional commercial offerings for DDoS, extending an already successful DDoS service to our clientele and expand further our revenue options.”

Using Radware’s solutions, Continent 8 has successfully protected several clients that have been targets of DDoS attacks. These have come from a range of attack vectors and yet none of the targeted firms or their cloud co-tenants experienced an outage or service degradation.

Trimble added, “The ‘personal touch’ at Radware not only had all our mandatory items ticked off in very short order, but also a number of our wishlist items too. Since then, when there have been any technical or feature requests, Radware’s personal attention has given us the confidence that this was the right decision for our business.”

“Continent 8 fields an experienced team that has tangled with some of the world’s most sophisticated hackers,” said David Anderson, Corporate Vice President for Radware. “Bottom line: Continent 8 is a battle-tested and knowledgeable service provider that turned to Radware to help solve its most difficult challenges. Now, with comprehensive network protection and the ability to provide a comprehensive suite of DDoS mitigation solutions to its customers, Continent 8 is ready and able to continue growing its global business.”

About Continent 8 Technologies

Continent 8 provides managed hosting solutions secured over a global private redundant network for today’s online business-critical services platforms. Our customers benefit from our continued investment in advanced data centers and a private global redundant network. With over 25 centres of excellence globally, all linked by a truly global network backbone  Continent 8 provides a global service capability to its clients, regardless of geography.

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