What will the smart city of the future look like?

What will the smart city of the future look like?

Since the very first cities began to emerge over ten thousand years ago, cities such as New York, Dubai and Tokyo are now at the centre of the revolution of city life.

The number of smart cities around the world is expected to grow exponentially over the next few years and by 2050, 70% of the world’s population will be living in smart cities.

People often talk about how technology is changing the way they live their lives now but what if they were to take a peek into what the future might look like? Soon it will be a city near you that is filled with revolutionary tech – but what exactly can we expect to see?

Drayton have created an interactive graphic that reveals when we should expect to see these life altering developments in and around our neighbourhoods. From flying on demand taxis that transport you around the city, to drones that deliver your lunch at the office, find out what else will be coming to a city near you in the not too distant future.

See the interactive infographic

By Laura Brothers


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