700,000 Choice Hotels records leaked in data breach, ransom demanded

Researchers found the unsecured database, but hackers got there first 700,000 records belonging to Choice Hotels have reportedly been stolen with hackers demanding payment for their return. Comparitech, in collaboration with security researcher Bob Diachenko, found an unsecured database containing data belonging to the hotel franchise
Capital One Cyber Staff Raised Concerns Before Hack

Capital One Cyber Staff Raised Concerns Before Hack

Cybersecurity employees reported what they saw as staffing issues and other problems to bank’s internal auditors, human-resources department and other senior executives Before a giant data breach at Capital One Financial Corp. COF 0.26% , employees raised concerns within the company about what they saw

DIY AI! Build your own AI with kits from Google

Worried about the rise of the machines? Like doing things yourself? Now you can address both. Build your own AI with kits from Google.

You can tell when something’s time has come. Hobbyists and tinkerers start doing it by themselves by cobbling together off-the-shelf parts. It’s hard to believe, with all the hype, but Artificial Intelligence (AI) has arrived. Get a real feel for what this is all about. Want to play with some of the neat machine learning functions like image or voice recognition?

You are in luck. Google has just released updated AIY Vision and AIY Voice kits that include what you need to get started. You buy them through Target ($89.99 for the Vision kit and $49.99 for the Voice one). Everything is included so, you won’t be going on extra shopping trips (or downloading software) just to get the ball rolling.

While you have fun building your own Skynet consider the implications of what’s really transpiring. AI’s are just tools that are increasingly seeping into our work and play. As they do so they get easier to use. You have heard it before: your smartphone has more computing muscle than what it took to get us to the moon and you don’t even notice it. Nor do you have to know how it works; you just use it. Likewise, we’ll be increasingly using AI just like that. Want proof? Look at the success of voice based digital assistants like Amazon’s Echo.

AI’s are no more different than smartphones, spreadsheets and analytical programs. But, computers seem to have always over stimulated our imagination. Exaggerated claims in the press about the intelligence of computers are not unique to our time, and in fact they go back to the very origins of computing itself. The first computer – ENIAC in 1946 – was characterized as an electronic brain. You may have mixed feelings about your smartphone but I doubt you would claim it’s an electronic brain.

That doesn’t mean that AI’s are an unalloyed good. Bad algorithms can lead to bad conclusions from the machines. IBM’s over hyped Watson has been slammed for making poor and dangerous medical recommendations. The machines are also only as smart as the people who build them and the data sets they use to train them. This leads to all sorts of unconscious biases being introduced, e.g. Google’s Photo Service labeled black people as gorillas.

So they are just tools with some extra oomph. Let’s stop focusing on the sensational and scary, and focus on the important and relevant. Zachary Lipton, an assistant professor at the machine-learning department at Carnegie Mellon University, has watched in frustration as news article after article transformed from “interesting-ish research” to “sensationalized crap”.

Now that you can see AI can come in a cardboard box and can be thrown together by your child or the kid down the street, don’t worry about doomsday scenarios. Let’s focus on just leveraging it correctly.

By John Pientka

John Pientka

John is currently the principal of Pientka and Associates which specializes in IT and Cloud Computing.

Over the years John has been vice president at CGI Federal, where he lead their cloud computing division. He founded and served as CEO of GigEpath, which provided communication solutions to major corporations. He has also served as president of British Telecom’s outsourcing arm Syncordia, vice president and general manager of a division at Motorola.

John has earned his M.B.A. from Harvard University as well as a bachelor’s degree from the State University in Buffalo, New York.

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