Mozilla to Firefox users: Here's how we're protecting you from code injection attacks

Mozilla to Firefox users: Here’s how we’re protecting you from code injection attacks

Mozilla cleans up Firefox to cut risk of code injection attacks and deter use of a dangerous JavaScript function Firefox-maker Mozilla has detailed its recent efforts to harden the browser against code injection attacks. That hardening work has focused on removing "potentially dangerous artifacts" in
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‘Deletefacebook’ trends after Zuckerberg backlash

The hashtag deletefacebook is trending on social media after it emerged Mark Zuckerberg held informal dinners with conservative politicians and right-wing commentators in the US. The meetings began in July, the news website Politico reported. In a post on Facebook, Mr Zuckerberg said he had
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SolarWinds Survey Showcases the DevOps Disconnect

Survey Showcases the DevOps Disconnect

The increasingly distributed nature of today’s tech environments has amplified the demand for DevOps practitioners in the workplace. But are DevOps teams, developers, and web product managers (WPMs) doing the work their job titles intend? SolarWinds Cloud Confessions: The Trouble with Troubleshooting revealed a disconnect between technology pros’ skills and their day-to-day tasks; while they strive to innovate and expand the principles of DevOps within their organizations, they spend the majority of their day troubleshooting.

The Trouble with Troubleshooting: Stunting Business Growth

The SolarWinds survey found that troubleshooting app issues is the No. 1 activity on which these tech pros spend their time, with 48% of respondents choosing this as a top three task. Without troubleshooting, DevOps teams, WPMs, and developers would prioritize building product roadmaps, managing and/or deploying apps, and planning/strategizing future tech innovations. The lack of time dedicated to these priorities has tangible consequences—it can even make or break a business.

What’s at Stake? Credibility and Valuable Staff

When asked about the parts of their job they disliked most, tech professionals placed troubleshooting within the top three. This is particularly alarming because tech professionals also stated they would leave their current job if there was no room for advancement or if the work became too repetitive. Without addressing these issues, IT leaders are at risk of losing credibility and staff.

Business and technology leaders must equip developers, WPMs, and DevOps teams with tools that take care of troubleshooting so they can focus on doing the parts of their job they love the most and those that will move business forward. The ability to solve real problems and have a positive impact are the top two reasons DevOps, WPMs, and developers chose their roles—they must be acknowledged and treated as business strategy partners and empowered to grow in these roles.

For more information, please visit SolarWinds Cloud Confessions: The Trouble with Troubleshooting.

By Joe Kim, Executive VP, Engineering and Global CTO, SolarWinds

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