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Cloud Covered: What was new with Google Cloud in April

Spring was blooming as we welcomed thousands of people to our big annual event: Google Cloud Next ’19. We heard great stories about how customers are growing their businesses with cloud, and we planted the seeds for lots of new ideas and connections. Read on to catch up on Next and what else was new last month with Google Cloud.

We introduced our new cloud service.

Our big news in April, introduced by Sundar on stage at Next ’19, was Anthos, our open cloud platform. Anthos is a way for application developers to cut out the extra time they currently have to spend writing applications. For example, a developer might currently write code for an app running in their data center, and then have to rewrite it to work on another cloud, or in Google Cloud. Anthos lets developers package their code once, then run it across different types of clouds, which will save a ton of time…

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