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Microsoft buys start-up Movere to help businesses move work to the cloud

Microsoft’s effort to get more businesses onto its Azure public cloud is poised to get an assist from the acquisition of a start-up called Movere.

Movere’s technology helps IT administrators better understand how data center tools are used and then figure out the best options as they move into the public cloud. Microsoft said in a blog post on Wednesday that it bought Movere to make “migration an easier process for our customers.”

Terms weren’t disclosed, but the deal highlights the importance of bolstering Azure, which trails Amazon Web Services in the cloud infrastructure market. Both companies are luring an increasing number of large businesses and government agencies, which are offloading large workloads and data storage to the cloud so they can do more with their data and access it quickly from anywhere.

“We believe that successful cloud migrations enable business transformation, and this acquisition underscores our investments to make that happen,”

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