Patrick Joggerst

Payments Companies Will Always See ROI on Embedded Real Time Communications

By Patrick Joggerst | January 16, 2020

ROI on Embedded Real Time Communications Without secure, real time communications applications, the financial services industry could literally come to


The dark side of IoT, AI and quantum computing: Hacking, data breaches and existential threat

By Cloud Syndicate | January 15, 2020

Emerging technologies like the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and quantum computing have the potential to transform human lives, but

A world of deepfakes

Deepfakes have been very much in the news for the past two years. It’s time to think about what deepfakes are and what they mean. Where do they come from? Why now? Is this just a natural evolution in the history of technology?

Deepfakes are media that are created by AI. They appear to be genuine (e.g., a video of President Obama) but have limited connection to reality. An audio track can be created that sounds indistinguishable from the victim, saying something the victim would never have said. Video can be generated from existing videos or photos that match the soundtrack, so that the mouth moves correctly and the facial expressions look natural. It’s not surprising that humans have trouble detecting fakes; with the current technology, even shallow fakes are too good.

Deepfakes are the logical extension of older AI research. It wasn’t long ago that we read about AI generating new paintings in the style of Rembrandt and other Dutch Masters, stylizing pictures in the style of Van Gogh and Picasso, and so on. At the time, there was more concern about the future of human creativity: would we still need artists? Would we live in a world full of fake Van Goghs? We shrugged those “fakes” off because we were asking the wrong questions. We don’t need more Van Goghs any more than we need more Elvises on velvet. We may end up with a few fake Rembrandts where they shouldn’t be, but the art world will survive…

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Enabling Business Strategies – The Cloud Paradigm

The Cloud Paradigm The cloud is not really the final destination: It’s mid-2015, and it’s clear that the cloud paradigm

Daniel Eberhard

Open APIs Alone Won’t Change Banking

Open Banking API’s Most people think of banks as one monolithic entity, but they are actually made up of hundreds

Karen Gondoly

Lessons Learned When Moving to the Cloud

Moving to the Cloud Lessons At Leostream, we work with organizations around the globe that are moving workloads to the