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The Future According To GV, Alphabet’s Most Active Venture Capital Arm

Alphabet’s Most Active Venture Capital Arm

Alphabet’s VC arm, GV, has been regarded as one of the most active — and successful — corporate venture capital firms since its inception in 2009. Among Google’s investment arms, including growth equity fund CapitalG and AI-focused arm Gradient Ventures, GV continues to maintain the most active and diverse portfolio.

Founding CEO Bill Maris led the early days of GV’s investment fund to focus on early-stage companies across industries ranging from cloud computing to healthcare. Since Maris’s departure in 2016, Google veteran and former director of Global Communications and Public Affairs David Krane has taken lead as CEO.

Gv Google Ventures Investments 11.19.2019

While many of GV’s earliest investments focused on traditional internet and mobile companies, the firm has since expanded its investment strategy to include life sciences, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence companies.

We used CB Insights data to highlight GV’s investments since 2018, to see where the future is headed according to the investor.

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