Karen Gondoly

Lessons Learned When Moving to the Cloud

By Karen Gondoly | April 1, 2019

Moving to the Cloud Lessons At Leostream, we work with organizations around the globe that are moving workloads to the

Bbc Tech

Researchers: Are we on the cusp of an ‘AI winter’?

By BBC Tech | January 13, 2020

The last decade was a big one for artificial intelligence but researchers in the field believe that the industry is

This Company Hires Gig Workers—as Employees

A California law requires many contractors to be treated as employees. One temp agency startup might stand to benefit, by taking the workers onto its payroll.

Last September, as California legislators considered Assembly Bill 5, a measure designed to limit which workers can be classified as independent contractors, companies like Uber and Lyft bemoaned a potential blow to their bottom lines—bottom lines that were, for the record, already suffering. But one gig economy CEO cheered the bill from the sidelines.

“We’re big proponents of AB 5,” says Adam Roston, CEO of BlueCrew, a Chicago-based startup that matches workers with shifts at employers. BlueCrew is, in other words, a temp agency. It hires workers and vets them with background checks and in-person interviews. But from there, tech takes over. Roston candidly compares his business to gig economy apps, offering algorithmic job matching and work-when-you-want flexibility. The main difference: BlueCrew hires workers as W-2 employees, not contractors. “Uber and Lyft were providing something that people wanted and we believed that we could bring it to the W-2 worker environment,” Roston says…

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Kris Lahiri

What the Dyn DDoS Attacks Taught Us About Cloud-Only EFSS

DDoS Attacks October 21st, 2016 went into the annals of Internet history for the large scale Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

Securing Multicloud

Securing Multi-Cloud Manufacturing Systems In A Zero Trust World

Securing Multi-Cloud Manufacturing Systems Bottom Line: Private equity firms are snapping up manufacturing companies at a quick pace, setting off


Global Public Cloud Spending To Double By 2020

The Cloud and Endpoint Modeling The worldwide migration of IT resources to the public cloud continues, at a head-spinning pace.