Infographic: The Data That Never Sleeps

Gary Bernstein

Here’s What Happens Every Minute on the Internet in 2020

In 2020, the world changed fundamentally – and so did the data that makes the world go around. As COVID-19 swept the world, nearly every aspect of life moved online, and people depended more and more on apps and the Internet to socialize, educate and entertain themselves. Before quarantine, just 15% of Americans worked from home. Now over half do. Here are some interesting facts that happen on the Internet every minute of the day: Zoom hosts 208,333 participants in meetings, Facebook users upload 147,000 photos, Netflix users stream 404,444 hours of video, and consumers spend a million dollars online.

The world’s internet population grows, and as of April 2020, internet reached 59% of the world’s population. As the world changes, businesses need to change too. Every click, swipe, share or like tells you something about your customers and what they want, and Virtualcapitalist is here to help your make sense of it all with this useful  infographic.

By Gary Bernstein

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