October 28, 2022

5 Recruiting Software Tools For Technology And Digital Companies

By Veljko Petrovic

5 Recruiting Software Tools

Finding the best candidate in the sea of thousands of developers can be very hard for a company that operates in fields such as technology and software development. The manual sourcing, screening, evaluating, and onboarding process can take unnecessarily long periods.

With helpful tools that streamline the recruiting process, you can make better hires without investing too many resources. Recruiting software will also help you prevent the chances of bad hires from occurring. Since bad hires can lead to a 32% drop in morale for the whole workplace, avoiding them will ensure that the company’s morale stays high.


The benefits of recruiting software are numerous, but many companies struggle to find the right one. Various recruiting platforms are on the market. Each of them is focused on different aspects of the recruiting process. With multiple choices, many people get confused and can’t decide which platform they should utilize.

Whether you have a marketing, finance, or development company, this list will help you understand some of the best recruiting software tools and how to find the one that suits your company.

What is recruitment software?

Recruitment software is a type of software that helps companies in the process of hiring employees. Whether the company plans to hire remote workers, freelancers, or other talents, recruiting software tools will allow the company to improve the hiring process.

The hiring process consists of four stages:

  • Sourcing & Attracting
  • Screening
  • Evaluating
  • Onboarding candidates

Each one of these stages is just as important as the others. Whether you are reaching out to the candidates or expecting them to reach out to you, recruitment software will help them reach you. Recruitment software will make this stage easier.

Besides helping you in the journey of finding the perfect employees for the role that you are looking for, recruitment software often has features that will help your employees communicate at the workplace, share documents, and track their time and productivity.

Constant mutual evaluation between a company and an employee will lead to increased productivity in the long term. The feedback features that specific recruitment software offers will allow your employees to review various aspects of the company honestly.

Review features will allow your employees to give suggestions on how to improve workplace culture or specific business processes.

Sourcing and attracting candidates

Sourcing candidates means looking out for candidates on various job posting platforms. Sourcing candidates is an active process. It requires you to reach out to potential employees through different platforms.

Attracting candidates is another way of receiving applications, yet it isn’t much you can do about it. Companies with a positive reputation in the field will always receive applications for various positions in a company.

The sourcing process can be constantly improved by creating better job descriptions, focusing on more hiring websites simultaneously, and using better recruiting software. Attracting candidates will be based on your reputation in the field and the experiences of previous workers who left reviews on relevant platforms.

Mainly larger companies can attract talent, while any company can utilize sourcing regardless of the field and size.

Recruitment software helps companies source candidates by offering them pre-made job descriptions or with an automatized process of posting job posts on various websites. These features speed up the hiring process and help you receive more applications.

Screening candidates

Screening is the process of reviewing profiles, portfolios, and cover letters of people applying for the job you’ve posted. Depending on the role that the person applied for, you should focus on different aspects of the data that he presented for you.

For example, a programmer and an HR won’t have the exact requirements for soft skills and communication skills. However, there are universal rules when reviewing resumes. It would help if you looked out for certain dealbreakers, inconsistencies, and the effort the person put into creating the resume.

Recruiting software offers various screening features that will allow you to pick out the best candidates for the future stages of the hiring process. Many platforms provide tests for both technical and soft skills. Screening can be done remotely through video conferences, phone calls, or tests, allowing you to hire workers remotely.

Some of the top-quality recruiting software also offers candidates background checks, allowing you to create a safe workplace.

Evaluating and interviewing candidates

Evaluation is the last major step in the hiring process before finally hiring the person and onboarding them. At this stage, your candidate should have gone through some way of screening and has the potential to become a part of your company.

Recruitment software will help you schedule the interviews, track them, and carry them out. If you aren’t experienced in technical skills, recruitment software can also include some form of a pre-made interview. For example, interview questions for PHP coders can be answered through a form created on your recruiting software, which you can later review.

Onboarding candidates

At this stage, the candidate has already been hired. A fresh hire needs to go through the onboarding process to understand the current business processes and what the company requires from him.

During the period of onboarding, a fresh hire needs to develop a belief that he made the best choice when he applied for the job. In the past, onboarding was done by senior employees in the field by teaching the recent employees about the software that they will be using and the goals that they need to achieve.

With the latest recruitment platforms, you can automatize the onboarding process and save both time and resources. Recruitment platforms can provide novice employees with guidelines on the workplace’s ethics and culture.

1. The jack of all trades

BambooHR is an automated solution that offers a wide variety of hiring tools. It’s mobile-friendly, allowing you to manage the recruitment process on the go. It has features that create job posts on various platforms.

A significant advantage of BambooHR compared to other platforms is that it offers a wide range of HR and recruiting tools in one place.

2. The most scalable option

JazzHR is a cloud-based recruitment platform that allows you to customize various aspects. No matter the size of your company, every workplace can benefit from using the software solution. Jazz HR will enable you to post jobs on multiple platforms and precisely track each application.

Another advantage of JazzHR is that it has a customizable report feature that will allow you to share the progress and success of your hiring campaigns. This feature will lead to attracting more people to apply for your company in the future.

3. Best affordable recruitment platform

Freshteam is a recruitment software that’s focused more on companies with a lower budget. It offers an applicant-tracking feature with an intuitive interface, allowing you to transfer applicants from one stage to another and review their applications.

Freshteam offers a free version, which allows you to try its features without committing to a plan. This platform is an excellent option for start-ups that are looking for affordable software.

4. Timesaving option

ApplicantStack will make the hiring process both fast and easy for everyone involved. Effective utilization of this app will allow you to pick out only the best candidates without spending too much time.

ApplicantStack can help you track multiple job postings and help you screen a large number of applicants. One of its best features is that it comes with questionnaires that can be used in the screening process. This feature will help you pick out only the best choices for the evaluation and interview stage.

5. Best customizable option

Jotform is the platform that gives the user incredible power for customization. You can adapt this platform according to your requirements, allowing you to hire new workers and organize with your current.

Jotform gives its clients the ability to:

  • Receive applications
  • Review resumes
  • Hold interviews

This platform will offer you a straightforward way of managing the data of your applicants and engage with them.

Recruiting software is essential for IT companies

Many companies are relying on traditional ways of recruiting new employees. But in 2022, the data shows that virtual recruitment has become the most common method. You don’t have to embrace this trend by any means necessary, but you should consider whether the current hiring process of your company requires improvement.

Recruitment software tools offer a smooth experience for hiring new employees, making each part of the hiring process more straightforward. The downside of this software is that it can be expensive for extended periods and requires you to train personnel on how to make the most out of time.

In any case, some form of recruiting software will significantly improve your start-up or a large enterprise.

By Veljko Petrović 

Veljko Petrovic

Veljko is a student of information technology that paired his passion for technology with his writing skills. He enjoys researching topics such as robotics and programming, while he also cultivates his knowledge in philosophy, classical literature, and fitness. Veljko’s favorite writers are Borislav Pekić, Miloš Crnjanski, and Ernest Hemingway.
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