Nvidia News

How AI Is Helping Care for an Aging Population

By NVIDIA | August 28, 2019

Forty percent of nursing home residents fall at least once a year, with one in five of these spills resulting in fractures or hospital stays. Falling isn’t the only risk for eldercare residents. Those who are non- or partially mobile

Will Artificial Intelligence Impact Jobs?

The Advantages of Cloud Robotics Are Gaining Attention with Global Revenue Expected to Reach $170.4 Billion by 2025

By CloudBuzz | August 28, 2019

BOULDER, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–While the global cloud robotics market is at a nascent stage of development, companies are becoming aware of its growing importance and are in the early stages of understanding what cloud robotics is, how it works, and what

BBC Tech

‘Dangerous’ AI offers to write fake news

By BBC Tech | August 27, 2019

An artificial intelligence system that generates realistic stories, poems and articles has been updated, with some claiming it is now almost as good as a human writer. The text generator, built by research firm OpenAI, was originally considered “too dangerous” to

Nvidia News

Nvidia, VMWare release cloud software to court business customers

By NVIDIA | August 26, 2019

(Reuters) – Chip supplier Nvidia Corp on Monday said it was teaming up with VMWare Inc and Amazon.com Inc’s cloud division to court large businesses looking to host artificial intelligence programs in Amazon’s cloud. Nvidia got its start with chips

Reuters news

Tesla’s Musk, Alibaba’s Ma to talk at Shanghai tech event this week

By Reuters | August 26, 2019

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) CEO Elon Musk and Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (BABA.N) chairman Jack Ma will speak at a conference on artificial intelligence (AI) to be held this week in Shanghai, an Alibaba spokeswoman said on Monday.

MIT tech review

The world’s biggest chip is bigger than an iPad and will help train AI

By MIT Technology Review | August 20, 2019

Cerebras Systems’ new semiconductor boasts 1.2 trillion transistors—and will turbocharge AI applications. The news: At the Hot Chips conference in Silicon Valley this week, Cerebras is unveiling the Cerebras Wafer Scale Engine. The chip is almost 57 times bigger than Nvidia’s


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Legal Tech – How to Create Long-Term Growth for Your Practice

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Through the Looking Glass: Tech and Security Industry Predictions

Through the Looking Glass: Tech and Security Industry Predictions

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