Trillions at Stake in Commercial Development of Driverless Cars

By Penny Swift | May 13, 2015

Commercial Development of Driverless Cars An international race is on to develop driverless cars that will free our cities from congestion, and there are trillions of dollars at stake. With Google currently seen to be leading the race to develop

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Will Your Internet of Things Device Testify Against You?

By Evelyn de Souza | May 6, 2015

Will Your Internet of Things Device Testify Imagine this:  Your wearable device is subpoenaed to testify against you.  You were driving when you were over the legal alcohol limit and data from a smart Breathalyzer device is used against you.

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IOT Infographic – What Is The Internet of Things?

By CloudTweaks | September 3, 2014

WHAT IS THE INTERNET OF THINGS? The Internet of Things “We’re still in the first minutes of the first day of the Internet revolution.”  – Scott Cook The Internet of Things (IOT) and Smart Systems are based on the notions of

The App Invasion

Should The Cloud Be To Blame Or The App Invasion?

By Daniel Price | September 3, 2014

The App Invasion Recent days have seen an avalanche of private images belonging to celebrities released on to various internet chat boards. The photos claim to show stars such as Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and Victoria Justice in either nude

cloud computing can benefit the healthcare industry

Eyes In The Cloud: New Technology Brings Hope To Thousands

By Daniel Price | May 12, 2014

Technology benefit the healthcare industry A revolutionary new technology that could improve the vision of thousands of children around the world has been receiving increased coverage in recent weeks. We’ve already seen cloud computing can benefit the healthcare industry from

Assistive Technology Helping People With Disabilities

By Daniel Price | April 9, 2014

Technology Helping People With Disabilities Technology is now playing an increasingly pivotal role in our daily lives, so much so that several people take it for granted. While it undoubtedly aids the lives of the able-bodied, the benefits that it can


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Forget About the Coming AI Apocalypse. We have Bigger Fish to Fry. How Did Tax Day Work Out for You?

Our government computer systems are so old they crash when Americans try to file their taxes. Worried about North Korea? ...
Will Crump

The Key to a Successful M&A = Data

Successful M&A = Data Data is often the single point of failure for many organizations. Divestitures, privatization, leveraged buyouts, and ...
VDI Technology Is Changing The Traditional Workspace

VDI Technology Is Changing The Traditional Workspace

VDI Technology These days, the location and nature of a workplace can be rather fluid. No longer are modern workplaces ...
Brian Wheeler

3 Major Concerns For The Cloud

Concerns For The Cloud With the rise of cloud computing, different concerns about adopting the cloud have arisen over the ...
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Survey: 87% of Businesses Are Confident About Cybersecurity

Businesses Confident About Cybersecurity In a year that has seen multiple massive data breaches and troubling cyberattacks, a new survey ...