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Fintech Exploiting AI and Blockchain Technology

By Jennifer Klostermann | July 28, 2016

AI and Blockchain Technology The field of artificial intelligence (AI) had progressed rapidly in the last ten years, though first recognized in the 1950s. From autonomous motor vehicles to digital personal assistants, the technology is making its way into a

Public vs Internal Chatbots

How Far Away Are We? Hyundai’s ‘Iron Man’ Suit

By Samantha Cortez | June 10, 2016

Hyundai’s ‘Iron Man’ Suit There’s a fine line between cinematic tech and real world applications, and treading that line is South Korea-based Hyundai with an Iron Man-like suit it revealed on its website last month. The article displayed several photos

Get Ready For Virtual Reality and the Cloud

By Leo Welder | June 9, 2016

Virtual Reality Cloud We’re lucky to live in an era where virtual reality is no longer relegated to the confines of a sci-fi movie universe. Thanks to technology introduced by products like Oculus Rift, consumers now have access to virtual

Will Artificial Intelligence Impact Jobs?

Living In The Industrial $15 Trillion IoT Market

By Jennifer Klostermann | April 26, 2016

$15 Trillion IoT Market The industrial revolution of more than two centuries ago is viewed today as a major turning point in civilization wherein a predominantly agrarian and rural landscape became urbanized and industrial. Though we might imagine these changes

Robo Advisors Are Becoming A Big Hit With Wealthy Investors

By Cloud Syndicate | February 17, 2016

Robo Advisors Are Becoming A Big Hit  Robo advisors are on the rise and they are winning in the investment management industry. When they made their appearance on the market, they were thought to be the thing that will most

The Driverless Car Of The Future Is Speeding Towards Us

By Jeremy Daniel | November 2, 2015

The Driverless Car Future In the not too distant future, it’s quite conceivable that people will look back at the time when humans were left alone to drive their vehicles as they saw fit with a mix of amusement and


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Security Audits, Cyberattacks and other Potential Front Line Issues

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2019 Big Data and Data Science Predictions Through the Lens of Comedy Movies

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Common Cloud Mistakes – And How To Avoid Them

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5 Simple Tips to Make Strong and Robust Business Continuity Plans

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