Predictive Marketing

The Rise Of Predictive Marketing and How it Helps Startups

By Jennifer Klostermann | October 28, 2015

Predictive Marketing With over $100 million in venture capital invested in predictive marketing companies, predictive analytics, Big Data, and all that attends are of key consideration to marketers.  A Forbes Insights’ study, co-authored by Lattice Engines – The Predictive Journey: 2015

Silky Smooth Cloud Based VR Gaming Experience

By Jennifer Klostermann | September 23, 2015

VR Gaming Experience The gaming world has embraced wearable technology for the heightened gameplay and immersive experience it provides, and with products such as Oculus Rift bringing virtual reality into the mainstream, gaming is fast evolving into a science fiction-like

The Storytelling Machine: Big Content and Big Data

By CloudTweaks | May 20, 2015

The Storytelling Machine Advances in cloud computing, along with the big data movement, have transformed the business IT landscape. Leveraging the cloud, companies are now afforded on demand capacity and mobile accessibility to their business-critical systems and information. At the

Trillions at Stake in Commercial Development of Driverless Cars

By Penny Swift | May 13, 2015

Commercial Development of Driverless Cars An international race is on to develop driverless cars that will free our cities from congestion, and there are trillions of dollars at stake. With Google currently seen to be leading the race to develop

AR Virtual

Will Your Internet of Things Device Testify Against You?

By Evelyn de Souza | May 6, 2015

Will Your Internet of Things Device Testify Imagine this:  Your wearable device is subpoenaed to testify against you.  You were driving when you were over the legal alcohol limit and data from a smart Breathalyzer device is used against you.

cyber security concerns

IOT Infographic – What Is The Internet of Things?

By CloudTweaks | September 3, 2014

WHAT IS THE INTERNET OF THINGS? The Internet of Things “We’re still in the first minutes of the first day of the Internet revolution.”  – Scott Cook The Internet of Things (IOT) and Smart Systems are based on the notions of


Brian Wheeler

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Your Blockchain Use Case Probably Isn't A Blockchain Use Case

Your Blockchain Use Case Probably Isn’t A Blockchain Use Case

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Mind The Gap: Cybersecurity In Corporate Training

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Public vs Internal Chatbots

How Far Away Are We? Hyundai’s ‘Iron Man’ Suit

Hyundai’s ‘Iron Man’ Suit There’s a fine line between cinematic tech and real world applications, and treading that line is ...
The Surprising Security Benefits of Moving Collaboration to the Cloud

The Surprising Security Benefits of Moving Collaboration to the Cloud

Cloud Security Collaboration How Backups, Remote Wipes, and Other Features Keep Your Data Safe By now, you’re probably aware that ...