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Google Classroom

What Is Google Classroom? Journals To Peer Editing

What Is Google Classroom? What is Google Classroom? Recently, a Chicago teacher published a lesson on a popular teach networking website that turned a few heads. For a world literature class, the teacher integrated lessons that incorporated students creating and

Startups To Watch

Education: Creating a Successful Start-up – The New Frontier?

Creating a Successful Start-up Ever since the dot-com bubble of the late 1990s, the dream (or perhaps more accurately, fantasy) of creating a successful start-up and striking gold on the Internet has continuously drawn in new entrepreneurs seeking both fame


Grading Students On The Internet

Grading Students in the Cloud One of the most common characteristics of new cloud computing-driven innovations in education has been the transmission of traditional academic practices (tutoring, assignment collection, extra help meetings, etc.) into the new platforms and opportunities made

Student Collaborate

The Cloud Brings New Meaning To Office Hours, Teacher-Student Collaboration

Teacher-Student Collaboration Any of us who spent four years of our life navigating the challenges and intricacies of undergraduate life know that office hours, those precious few minutes of your professor’s undivided attention and assistance, are a particularly rare and

Turn It In Education

TurnItIn: The Cloud Is Letting English Teachers Stay Ahead Of Their Students

TurnItIn Talk to any English teacher in any tech-focused high school in the U.S., and they will tell you that one of the essential components of their classroom is Exactly what it sounds like, is a cloud computing-based

Distraction Cloud

Implications Of The Cloud In The Classroom

Implications Of The Cloud In The Classroom Cloud computing has been exciting people with its implications and opportunities especially so over the past several years, as more and more of the public have been exposed to the potential of this