Andrew Heikklia

Andrew Heikkila is a writer, artist, and business owner from the Pacific Northwest. Because technology has become the cornerstone of modern human existence, Andy finds himself writing about it often, usually in relation to the IoT, cybersecurity, the blockchain, or just good ol’ business integration. Andy's writing contributions can also be seen on TechCrunch, Business 2 Community and Datafloq.

Repeat After Me… Nobody Is Safe From Cyber Attacks

By Andrew Heikklia | December 1, 2017

Nobody Is Safe From Cyber Attacks The last couple of years have shown the world that seemingly nobody is safe from cyber attacks. The 2017 breach of Equifax was proof that now, even the common person should begin paying attention to

What is shadow IT?

How to Make the Move to the Cloud Securely

By Andrew Heikklia | March 29, 2017

Move to the Cloud Securely The 2016 Enterprise Cloud Computing Survey from IDG offers multiple interesting insights concerning the state of cloud adoption in 2017. According to IDG, 70 percent of the survey’s respondent organizations have at least one application