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Tesla sued by Walmart over solar panel fires

By BBC Tech | August 21, 2019

US supermarket chain Walmart is suing Tesla’s energy division, after solar panels on seven of its stores caught fire. It alleges that the firm was negligent in how it installed the panels on the roofs of the stores. Court documents

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Gadgets can be hacked to produce ‘dangerous’ sounds, says researcher

By BBC Tech | August 12, 2019

Many modern gadgets can be hacked to produce deafening and disorienting sounds, research has revealed. Security researcher Matt Wixey found a range of devices had little protection to stop themselves being turned into “offensive” low-grade, cyber-weapons. Mr Wixey tested laptops,

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Huawei announces its new Harmony operating system

By BBC Tech | August 9, 2019

Huawei has announced it is developing a new operating system called HarmonyOS. There had been speculation that Huawei was planning to replace the Android operating system which powers its smartphones and tablets. In May, Google suspended the company’s Android licence

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Hyundai releases car with solar panel roof

By BBC Tech | August 6, 2019

Hyundai has released a version of its Sonata hybrid that has solar panels to help charge its battery. The Korean car maker said up to 60% of the power for the car’s battery could be supplied if the solar roof

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Facebook funds AI mind-reading experiment

By BBC Tech | July 31, 2019

Facebook has announced a breakthrough in its plan to create a device that allows people to type just by thinking. It has funded a study that developed machine-learning algorithms capable of turning brain activity into speech. It worked on epilepsy

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Marcus Hutchins spared US jail sentence over malware charges

By BBC Tech | July 27, 2019

The British computer hacker who helped stop a major cyber-attack affecting the NHS in 2017 has avoided a jail sentence in the US over malicious hacking charges. In April, 25-year-old Marcus Hutchins pleaded guilty to two charges of making malicious

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Ransomware hits Johannesburg electricity supply

By BBC Tech | July 26, 2019

A major electricity supplier in South Africa’s largest city has suffered a ransomware attack, leaving some residents without power. City Power revealed on Thursday that its IT systems had been shut down. “It has encrypted all our databases, applications and

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Lancaster University students’ data stolen by cyber-thieves

By BBC Tech | July 23, 2019

Students’ personal data has been stolen in a “sophisticated and malicious” phishing attack at Lancaster University. Officials said the information had been used to send bogus invoices to applicants. “A very small number” of student records, phone numbers and ID

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AI solves Rubik’s Cube in under one second

By BBC Tech | July 16, 2019

An artificial intelligence system created by researchers at the University of California has solved the Rubik’s Cube in a fraction of a second. DeepCubeA, as the algorithm was called, completed the 3D logic puzzle which has been taxing humans since

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Facebook quizzed in court on EU-US data transfers

By BBC Tech | July 9, 2019

Facebook’s method of transferring data from the EU to the US for business purposes is being challenged again in court. The Irish data protection commissioner is arguing that the legal mechanism for these transfers does not sufficiently protect EU citizens’

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British Airways faces record £183m fine for data breach

By BBC Tech | July 8, 2019

British Airways is facing a record fine of £183m for last year’s breach of its security systems. The airline, owned by IAG, says it is “surprised and disappointed” by the penalty from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). At the time,

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Amazon at 25: The story of a giant

By BBC Tech | July 7, 2019

Amazon at 25 There’s no guarantee that can be a successful company. What we’re trying to do is very complicated,” said Jeff Bezos in 1999, just five years after launching the online firm. That the firm’s founder was so