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BBC Tech

Slow websites to be labelled by Chrome browser

November 12, 2019

Websites that load slowly because they are poorly coded could soon be flagged by Google’s Chrome browser. Google said it was working on several “speed badging” systems that let visitors know why a page is taking time to show up. The

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Play store apps to be scanned for malware

November 11, 2019

Google is beefing up the way it checks if any of the apps uploaded to its Play store are malicious. All new apps will be scanned by malware-spotting tools from three cyber-security firms as well as Google’s own in-house system. Google said

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US and Taiwan hold first joint cyber-war exercise

November 4, 2019

Taiwanese officials are being targeted by phishing emails and texts as part of a week-long simulated cyber-war event billed as the first of its kind. The local government is co-hosting the tests with the American Institute in Taiwan, which represents


Tesla shares surge after unexpected profit

October 24, 2019

Tesla shares have surged to their highest levels since February, after it told investors that manufacturing at its Chinese factory and plans for its next model were ahead of schedule. The firm also reported an unexpected profit of $143m (£110.7m)

BBC Tech

Google claims ‘quantum supremacy’ for computer

October 23, 2019

Google says an advanced computer has achieved “quantum supremacy” for the first time, surpassing the performance of conventional devices. The technology giant’s Sycamore quantum processor was able to perform a specific task in 200 seconds that would take the world’s

BBC Tech

Are electric cars as ‘green’ as you think?

October 21, 2019

It’s predicted that by 2030, over 125 million electric vehicles will be owned by people worldwide. But where’s the lithium that powers their batteries coming from? Most of the world’s stocks of this lightest of metals are found in brine

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