Bill Schmarzo

The 3% Edge: How Data Drives Success in Business and the Olympics

By Bill Schmarzo | March 7, 2018

Data Drives Success in Business A recent Bloomberg BusinessWeek article entitled “The Tech Guy Building Wearables for America’s Olympians” profiles Mounir Zok, the man in charge of the U.S. Olympic Committee’s technology and innovation. The article discusses how Mr. Zok

Don’t Follow the Money; Follow the Customer!

By Bill Schmarzo | March 1, 2018

Disintermediation and Disruption “Mr. Schmarzo, we’ve noticed that your cholesterol count is at 210, so we have prescribed Fluvastatin and placed selected foods into your shopping basket to help you control your cholesterol. Complete the purchase by selecting ‘here’ and

Bill Schmarzo’s Top Big Data, Data Science and IOT Blogs

By Bill Schmarzo | February 1, 2018

Big Data, Data Science and IOT Blogs To put us on the path for a successful and engaging 2018, here is a quick review of my top 10 blogs from 2017. #10. Is Data Science Really Science? Science works within systems

Avoiding the IOT ‘Twister’ Business Strategy

By Bill Schmarzo | January 25, 2018

IOT ‘Twister’ Most organizations’ ‪ IOT Strategy look like a game of ‪ ‘Twister’ with progress across important IOT capabilities such as architecture, technology, data, ‪ analytics and governance; variables comprising a series of random investments and decisions. There is something very different about the Internet

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3 Keys to Winning the Great Artificial Intelligence (AI) War!

By Bill Schmarzo | January 15, 2018

The Great Artificial Intelligence (AI) War There is a war a-brewin’, but this war will be fought with wits and not brute strength. Ever since Russian President Vladimir Putin’s declaration that “the nation that leads in AI (Artificial Intelligence) will

Back to the Future: 2018 Big Data and Data Science Prognostications

By Bill Schmarzo | January 11, 2018

“We should study Science Fiction in order to understand what someday could become Science Fact.” – Dr. Who? Doc Brown? Kodos and Kang? This is the time of year when everyone makes his or her predictions for 2018. I have