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Chasing a Dream: Security, Data Protection, Privacy, and the Law

By Cisco | October 10, 2019

As teenagers on the cusp of adulthood graduate and head into their college years, we tell them it’s okay to not fully know what they want to do for the rest of their lives. Some, of course, do and will

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DevSecOps: Blending Critical Operations and Cultures to Increase Data Security

By Cisco | September 26, 2019

Two major shifts are affecting organizational cybersecurity posture: digital product and service offerings are increasingly powered by mobile, cloud and data analytics; while developers of those products and services are migrating to Development Operations (DevOps) processes for greater agility and

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What is the Current State of Cybersecurity in the Oil & Gas Industry?

By Cisco | September 13, 2019

How is cybersecurity viewed in your organization?  Do you feel like your company is well-positioned against cyber threats in your Operational Technology (OT) areas?  Is there acknowledgement that as more things and people are connected, that cyber risk will increase?

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Findings from Gartner’s Market Guide for Email Security 2019

By Cisco | August 26, 2019

Gartner’s Market Guide for Email Security 2019 reaffirms that an increasing number of organizations are migrating their email platforms to the cloud. According to Gartner, “by 2021, Gartner expects 70% of public and private companies to be using cloud email

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Monetizing 5G – How Service Providers can get it right

By Cisco | August 21, 2019

5G will bring much more than unprecedented speed. The 5G architecture will profoundly transform the way we experience our homes and cities, will make enterprises smart, highly efficient and create value in ways never imagined before. Today, consumer expectations for

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Managing your SAP Digital Transformation Journey

By Cisco | August 14, 2019

Digital Transformation. We’ve heard the words, but have you wondered what it is all about? Digital Transformation is a strategic directive to redefine your business practices and processes to gain competitive advantage. It is all about making the inevitable tide

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New Crosswork APIs Help Service Providers Automate Network Operations

By Cisco | July 23, 2019

Due to changes in customer preferences, and technological evolutions such as 5G, Service Providers (SPs) are expected to face massive traffic growth and increased operational complexities. To make the most out of those opportunities, Service Providers are looking for ways

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Should governments pay extortion payments after a ransomware attack?

By Cisco | July 15, 2019

When it comes to ransomware attacks this year, it’s been a tale of three cities. In May, the city of Baltimore suffered a massive ransomware attack that took many of its systems down for weeks — restricting employees’ access to email, closing

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The Future of the Firewall is Not a Firewall

By Cisco | July 10, 2019

Firewalls and Access Control Firewalls have been with us since the late 1980s and they have become synonymous with access control. It is time to redefine that relationship because while access control will remain a need from now into the

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Zero Trust for Government Networks: 6 Steps You Need to Know

By Cisco | July 1, 2019

Government agencies are well along on their journey of Digital Transformation to fundamentally change the way they manage and deliver services throughout our country and to citizens. They are doing this by thinking differently about how they use their networks

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Cisco and IBM Cloud Announce Hybrid Cloud Partnership

By Cisco | June 18, 2019

In the current day journey towards application modernization, enterprises have a growing need to not only bring together the agility of newer microservice architectures and application development platforms like Kubernetes, but also align those capabilities with their existing middle-ware, databases,

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7 Questions about the Firewall: A Chat with Cisco featuring Gartner

By Cisco | June 18, 2019

The firewall remains the front line of cyber-defense for most organizations. The firewall protects an organization’s network, and that function isn’t going away anytime soon. Remember when people used to say, “the firewall is dead”? The numbers tell a different