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Seven New Year’s resolutions for Big Tech in 2019

By CloudBuzz | December 31, 2018

2018 was a no good, very bad year for Silicon Valley. Here’s some of the things tech giants should commit to do next year to avoid a repeat performance. Every January, Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, likes to go public with

5 Actionable Insights from AWS Well-Architected Reviews

By CloudBuzz | December 14, 2018

AWS developed its Well-Architected Framework to help cloud architects build secure, high-performing, resilient and efficient infrastructure for applications. The framework also offers customers a consistent way to evaluate those architectures. Rackspace was recently selected as one of just 34 companies

Worldwide Spending on Augmented and Virtual Reality Expected to Surpass $20 Billion in 2019, According to IDC

By CloudBuzz | December 6, 2018

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., December 6, 2018 – Worldwide spending on augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) is forecast to be nearly $20.4 billion in 2019, an increase of 68.8% over the $12.1 billion International Data Corporation (IDC) expects will be spent this

The Coders Programming Themselves Out of a Job

By CloudBuzz | October 2, 2018

In 2016, an anonymous confession appeared on Reddit: “From around six years ago up until now, I have done nothing at work.” As far as office confessions go, that might seem pretty tepid. But this coder, posting as FiletOFish1066, said he worked

Uptick In Cybersecurity Job Searches Confirms Openness To New Employment

By CloudBuzz | July 9, 2018

Cybersecurity job searches increased nearly six percent between March 2017 and March 2018, according to recently published research by job listings site Indeed. The increase actually outpaced a 3.5 percent uptick in jobs posted. These numbers do not mean that supply is exceeding

Great Data Scientists Don’t Just Think Outside the Box, They Redefine the Box

By CloudBuzz | March 13, 2018