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Principles For Data Protection In The Cloud

By Evelyn de Souza | December 9, 2015

Data Protection In The Cloud 2015 ushered in the start of a data economy. As organizations amass more detailed consumer profiles they have begun realizing that data could equal or surpass the value of the products and services they sell,

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How To Overcome Data Insecurity In The Cloud

By Evelyn de Souza | November 6, 2015

Data Insecurity In The Cloud Today’s escalating attacks, vulnerabilities, breaches, and losses have cut deeply across organizations and captured the attention of, regulators, investors and most importantly customers. In many cases such incidents have completely eroded customer trust in a

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What Forecasts Of Data Breaches Should Spell To Cloud Security Practitioners

By Evelyn de Souza | October 13, 2015

Cloud Security Practitioners And Auditors Today we have seen relatively few data breaches in the cloud despite its growing use for mission-critical workloads. However, as cloud increasingly becomes the backend for our mobile devices, for the Internet of Things (IoT)

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Why Cloud Compliance Doesn’t Need To Be So Overly Complicated

By Evelyn de Souza | September 15, 2015

Cloud Compliance  Regulatory compliance is an issue that has not only weighed heavily on the minds of executives, security and audit teams, but also today, even end users. Public cloud adds more complexity when varying degrees of infrastructure (depending on

Hoarders And Data Collectors: On The Brink Of Unmanageability

By Evelyn de Souza | August 13, 2015

Hoarders and Data Collectors In our physical world, hoarders are deemed “out of control” when they collect too much.  Surely the same analogy applies in our online world.  When providers collect realms of data from us, it seems they lose

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The Implication Of Consumers Not Having Their Heads In The Cloud

By Evelyn de Souza | July 9, 2015

Customers CAN Better Protect Themselves The majority of cloud consumers don’t understand what cloud is let alone what the implications of transacting in the cloud or of having their data and digital assets stored in the cloud. As a result

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From Illusion To Reality: Up Personal On Computing Privacy

By Evelyn de Souza | June 3, 2015

Computing Privacy We are under an illusion around cloud computing privacy. Without a doubt the benefits are incredible. However, cloud impacts personal user privacy and potentially exposes their private data in ways they may not have anticipated. Given that users

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Cloud as Our Children’s Playground

By Evelyn de Souza | April 9, 2015

Cloud as Our Children’s Playground We read everyday about the fast pace of business adoption of the cloud.  But children are adopting the cloud at just as an aggressive pace.  The Cloud is changing our children’s lives – the way

CIAA: What Should Matter Most For Cloud Security

By Evelyn de Souza | August 29, 2013

Cloud Security Everyday there are more articles citing security as the top concern holding back public cloud adoption. While cloud means many things to different people, so does the term security. In discussions with business and industry experts, security concerns