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International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is an American multinational information technology company headquartered in Armonk, New York, with operations in over 170 countries.
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Top 7 characteristics of a modern data architecture

By IBM Big Data | May 22, 2019

A modern data architecture (MDA) must support the next generation cognitive enterprise which is characterized by the ability to fully exploit data using exponential technologies like pervasive artificial intelligence (AI), automation, Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain. In addition, an MDA must support a platform-centric

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Industrializing your AI and data science models with IBM Cloud Private for Data

By IBM Big Data | May 18, 2019

Companies are entering “chapter two” of their digital transformation. The next chapter is all about moving from experimentation to true transformation. It’s about gaining speed and scale. We are helping businesses activate data as a strategic asset, with desire to

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Making Data Simple – When data meets media, with Michael Sestak

By IBM Big Data | May 2, 2019

On this episode, host Al Martin welcomes Michael Sestak, who is a creative media director at IBM. He and Al discuss his role in-depth. Listen to learn what sources of inspiration Michael draws from, and how data and the creative

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AI everywhere: Modern predictive analytics

By IBM Big Data | April 27, 2019

Evolving from departmental, small-group AI projects to an enterprise data science platform can put your business on a path to significant competitive advantage. Those who don’t seize the opportunity risk falling behind the curve. But some might not be sure

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Making Data Simple – Spark, Hadoop and more with Jean-Georges Perrin

By IBM Big Data | April 23, 2019

Al Martin is joined this episode by guest Jean-Georges Perrin, IBM Champion and director of engineering at weexperience. Together, they discuss the importance of Apache Spark and Hadoop, along with what it means to hold the title of IBM Champion.

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Six Major Data Breach Trends

By IBM Big Data | January 11, 2018

Major Data Breach Trends It seems like the moment the security industry collectively comes to grips with the latest publicly disclosed data breach, another bigger and badder security incident surfaces to shake it up, prompting many enterprises to worry if