Jennifer Klostermann

PaaS Benefits For Startup Developers

By Jennifer Klostermann | March 21, 2017

Developing Your Startup Cloud tools and services offer many benefits for startups and small businesses, but for the developer needing extensive tech support and infrastructure, without the substantial financial outlay, the cloud can provide even more during developing, testing and

Artificial Intelligence For Startups and Small Businesses

By Jennifer Klostermann | March 16, 2017

Artificial Intelligence and Startups Much of the time we spend working each day isn’t spent as productively as we’d like; instead, we’re forced to complete routine functions week after week that take up valuable resources better spent on innovation and

IoT, the Cloud, and Fog Computing Concepts

By Jennifer Klostermann | March 15, 2017

Fog Computing Concepts The Internet of Things (IoT) is increasingly part of all of our lives, personally and business-wise, and the efficiencies and conveniences it offers will likely encourage even greater adoption. An enormous amount of data is also being

Business, Big Data and the Human Element

By Jennifer Klostermann | March 14, 2017

Business Big Data Big data, not something one would expect a company’s HR team likely to devote much time to, is, in fact, a valuable resource more and more being utilized by people managers. Representing enormous amounts of collected information

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Experts Believe Multi-cloud Implementations Can Be Invaluable

By Jennifer Klostermann | March 3, 2017

Multi-Cloud Environment The outage this week at Amazon Web Services S3 cloud storage services has created quite a stir, with multi-cloud competitors touting the need for contingency plans in case of such an event. The cost to businesses is potentially

White Label Cloud Services

Managing Cloud Disadvantages For Greater Utility

By Jennifer Klostermann | March 2, 2017

Managing Cloud Disadvantages Cloud computing provides invaluable solutions for a variety of organizations, and it’s no wonder the technology has taken off and spread rapidly across sectors and around the globe. From narrowing the gap of application availability between large

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Scality HALO Cloud Monitor and Dedicated Care Services (DCS)

By Jennifer Klostermann | February 28, 2017

Scality HALO Cloud Monitor This morning, Scality announced a new turnkey 24/7 monitoring solution, Scality HALO Cloud Monitor, for the Scality RING object storage platform and S3-focused products. Guaranteeing 100% uptime for managed private cloud storage environments, Scality HALO provides

Cyber Security Solutions

Cloud Spectator Report: North America IaaS Providers Benchmark

By Jennifer Klostermann | February 23, 2017

Cloud Spectator Report Cloud Spectator, a cloud benchmarking and consulting agency focused on cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) performance, has today released the 2017 Top 10 Cloud IaaS Providers Benchmark for North America. Striving for transparency in the cloud market, Cloud Spectator’s

Cloud Email Security Concerns

The Deep and Dark Web

By Jennifer Klostermann | February 22, 2017

The Dark Web The Deep and Dark Web, hidden in the depths of the internet, sounds like something out of a nail-biting thriller, but is, in fact, a very real part of our world. Just as drug cartels and human

Blockchain Across All Industries

By Jennifer Klostermann | February 21, 2017

Blockchain Industries Blockchain, typically understood as the technology that powers the virtual currency bitcoin, in fact, provides market applications far beyond cryptocurrencies. It’s expected that the fintech industry will be the first area in which we’re likely to see the