Jennifer Klostermann

Jennifer Klostermann is an experienced writer with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in writing and performance arts. She has studied further in both the design and mechanical engineering fields, and worked in a variety of areas including market research, business and IT management, and engineering. An avid technophile, Jen is intrigued by all the latest innovations and trending advances, and is happiest immersed in technology.

Smarter Homes Through Technology

By Jennifer Klostermann | January 12, 2017

Smarter Homes Rumour has it that 2017 will be the year of the smart home; not a new prediction, smart homes have been trending for a while, but an exciting possibility nonetheless. It’s possible that, as ever, given a little

Deciphering Fintech Through Education

By Jennifer Klostermann | January 5, 2017

Fintech Through Education With technology permeating all industries, few of us would feel confident utilizing financial products or services that aren’t thoroughly tech-integrated, and yet the realm of fintech is still observed warily by many. Though fintech indeed incorporates many

Analyzing the Ethical Use of Big Data

By Jennifer Klostermann | January 4, 2017

Ethical Use of Big Data Big Data, a market predicted to grow exponentially in the next few years, is playing an important, albeit it behind-the-scenes role, in many of our most exciting and revolutionary technologies. Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Drone Advancements In 2017

By Jennifer Klostermann | January 3, 2017

Drone Advancements At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, the 50th anniversary of the giant tech trade show, the launch of a range of new and improved technologies is expected, including self-driving cars, advanced wearables, personal robots, and cutting-edge virtual reality

Fintech Advancing Steadily In Coming Year

By Jennifer Klostermann | December 27, 2016

Fintech Predictions for 2017 By Jennifer Klostermann

Big Data Trends

Big Data Trends Supporting Deep Learning, AI and More

By Jennifer Klostermann | December 20, 2016

Big Data Trends Big Data and Big Data analytics has come a long way in recent years, and 2017 is promising even greater interest and opportunity. With the Internet of Things playing a significant role in the expansion of Big

Predicted IoT Economic Impact – $3.9 and $11.1 Trillion By 2025

By Jennifer Klostermann | December 14, 2016

Predicted IoT Economic Impact The Internet of Things (IoT) is already a multi-billion dollar industry with global reach, and it’s expected that over the next five years businesses will spend close to $6 trillion in the IoT arena. With the

Building Your Small Business

Companies Looking To Capitalize on Martech

By Jennifer Klostermann | December 13, 2016

Capitalizing on Martech According to research conducted by Walker Sands Communication, at least half of US marketers intend to spend more on marketing technology in the coming year. Already the industry receives billions of dollars from venture capitalists investing in

Cisco Discusses the Resilience of Cloud Strategy

By Jennifer Klostermann | December 7, 2016

Cloud Strategy With businesses and consumers relying on the public cloud more than ever, it’s important that market transparency and resilience is improved. Enrico Fuiano, Senior Solutions Marketing Manager, Cisco Cloud Marketing, takes a look at the resilience of cloud

Tweaking the Cloud for Optimum Results

By Jennifer Klostermann | December 6, 2016

Tweaking the Cloud For both business and personal use, the cloud is one of today’s dominant technologies, though just a few years ago many of us would have been dismissive of it, if not completely unaware. Most of us use

Stephane Manos Discusses Thriving in the Digital Landscape

By Jennifer Klostermann | December 2, 2016

The Digital Landscape Said Heraclitus, the only thing that is constant is change; a phrase no more evident than in today’s computing digital landscape with innovations and developments occurring at exponentially increasing rates and often long before we can even

Visual Data Analytics Helps To Illustrate The Big Picture

By Jennifer Klostermann | November 29, 2016

Visual Data Analytics We’re consistently hearing how valuable data is today, how important it is to the success of every organization, along with the stats of the exponentially-increasing amounts and sources of data now available. But what most find when