John Pientka

Directive 20 Repealed – Beat the Cyber War Drums?

By John Pientka | September 26, 2018

Exposed by Snowden in his 2013 document dump, Presidential Directive 20 limits the U.S. in attacking/counter attacking with cyber weapons. Now it has been rescinded. Does that mean the gloves are off? We’ve been under attack for a long time.

Have You Spotted the Turn?

By John Pientka | August 23, 2018

You are hammered to be ready for the latest technologies. But all of them have lifecycles. It is just as important to identify when they’re diminishing, maybe even dying. Look for the turn or risk a millstone around your neck.

Maduro Attempted Assassination by Drones – A Nasty Part of the Future Has Arrived

By John Pientka | August 15, 2018

January: I wrote of Slaughterbots – the potential of small ariel drones that could kill. March: I talked about how Sci-Fi was becoming reality with the intro of Skydio a drone that could track you by your face and gait.

Feeling Swamped by Technology? Practice Ephemeralization

By John Pientka | August 8, 2018

New technologies seem to be flying at you at an overwhelming rate. Computing, medicine, education, artificial and augmented reality, the list goes on and on. How do you even begin to deal with it all? Try a concept first floated

DIY AI! Build your own AI with kits from Google

By John Pientka | August 3, 2018

Worried about the rise of the machines? Like doing things yourself? Now you can address both. Build your own AI with kits from Google. You can tell when something’s time has come. Hobbyists and tinkerers start doing it by themselves

You Can Leverage Digital Disruption to be Better at Business Development

By John Pientka | July 24, 2018

You have heard it before: you’ve got to become a trusted advisor to your prospects in order to be successful in today’s sales environment. Great, how do you get that deep understanding? Take advantage of the disruption in the consulting

That’s It? After All the Hype and Fear About A.I.? Turns Out They Can’t Do the Hard Stuff

By John Pientka | June 27, 2018

Well, guess we should have known better. A.I. can play Jeopardy, Chess and Go but it seems their capabilities have topped out. Let’s talk about a new A.I. “winter”. A.I. was going to take your job – guess again. A.I.

Remember the Detroit’s Big Three? Well, It Seems There is a New Cloud Big Three

By John Pientka | June 15, 2018

Remember the Detroit’s Big Three Moving to the cloud? Remember Studebaker, Hudson or Packard? Of course you don’t. They were crushed as the automobile industry consolidated into Detroit’s Big Three. So what? We are watching the same thing happening in cloud

Trying to Embrace the Digital? Remember You Can’t Drive the Train from the Tender

By John Pientka | June 6, 2018

Embracing new digital technologies, or just moving to the cloud in your work is almost mandatory. Just remember, if you don’t have real buy-in from the top, your odds of success are low. Here are some steps to consider. Digital

U.S. Births Dip To 30-Year Low – A Bright Digital Future?

By John Pientka | June 1, 2018

Worried that a robot is going to take your job? The truth is just the opposite. We are actually running out of people but there maybe hope in a new digital world. Demography is destiny. For years we have been