Josh Hamilton

​Josh Hamilton ​is an aspiring journalist and writer who has written for a number of publications​ involving Cloud computing, Fintech and Legaltech​. ​Josh has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Law​ from ​Queen's University in Belfast​​. Studies included, Politics of Sustainable Development, European Law, Modern Political Theory and Law of Ethics​.
Small Business Cloud Phone System

Is a Cloud Phone System Right for Your Small Business?

By Josh Hamilton | May 23, 2017

Small Business Cloud Phone Service As your business grows and evolves, you may find that your phone setup is proving inadequate and potentially very costly. A cloud-based phone solution could help to streamline your business and allow it to grow

The Future For Cyber Security Looks Uncertain

By Josh Hamilton | May 5, 2017

Future For Cyber Security From the inception of the internet, cyber security has become increasingly more important. As the internet has permeated more and more aspects of our lives, our reliance upon the security of our information has become paramount

Colorado cloud computing

New Colorado Node – ViaWest

By Josh Hamilton | April 18, 2017

ViaWest Node Recently, ViaWest unveiled a brand new cloud computing node in the heart of Colorado, giving customers in the Rocky Mountains more efficient access to applications and the cloud. It is the 10th of its kind, and adds to ViaWest’s

what is edge computing

Computing on The Edge – Mobile Data Centers

By Josh Hamilton | March 20, 2017

Computing on the Edge Every single day more and more data is produced, exchanged, processed, and transmitted around the world. The sheer amount of data processed every day is growing exponentially and by 2020 Intel has estimated that the average

How Tech Firms Foster Innovation

By Josh Hamilton | March 16, 2017

Tech Innovation Innovation could be one of the most overused words in tech these days, yet it’s enduring importance cannot be over-stated. Innovation is the way by which the top firms manage to stay relevant year after year, and a

Smart Cities – Helsinki and Innovation

By Josh Hamilton | March 13, 2017

Smart Cities – Helsinki The Smart Kalasatama district in Helsinki, is a purpose built smart district of a city burgeoning with innovation. The district, which is currently under construction, is expected to be fully finished by 2030, housing 20,000 people and

VC Investment In Space Travel Steadies Out

By Josh Hamilton | March 13, 2017

Space Travel Investments Over the last few years more and more VC (Venture Capital) groups have been pouring money into what has been dubbed the “Space Race 2.0”. Investment in space had long been considered too risky for VC firms,

The Supersonic Future of Flight

By Josh Hamilton | March 7, 2017

Future of Flight When Concorde was retired in October of 2003, it was thought that the era of supersonic travel was over. We were half-heartedly accepting that we had reached the very pinnacle of speed for aviation and now it

blockchain credit security

Future of Banking Part 3: AI Bankers

By Josh Hamilton | March 1, 2017

AI Bankers With digital banking and social payments already making waves in the financial community there is one more piece of technology that is revolutionising the banking world; AI advisors. While human advisors can offer that personal touch, AI bankers

nasa tech

Why All The Satellites?

By Josh Hamilton | March 1, 2017

Low Orbit Satellite Investment Making Rounds More and more tech firms are trying to get their satellites into orbit. Modern satellite technology can do so much more than make phone-calls or watch TV, you can navigate, track crime, and even provide

Human like Robots – Should We Treat Robots Like Humans?

By Josh Hamilton | February 28, 2017

Human like Robots Robo-taxation Should robots be taxed? That is the question that Bill Gates has given his somewhat controversial answer to last week, declaring that humans should be taxing robot workers as if they were human. Gates has suggested

The Power of Recurrent Neural Networks

By Josh Hamilton | February 27, 2017

Recurrent Neural Networks A recurrent neural network (RNN) is a type of neural network where connections between units form a directed cycle. They were first created in the 1980s, but have gained new popularity as AI and machine learning technology is spreading and progressing