Mike Alley

Mike is the Director, IT Service Management at Logicalis for ITSM solutions and has nearly 30 years of experience in the technology industry. Mike joined Logicalis in 2006 through the acquisition of Carotek, a top HP partner in the Southeast. Prior to Carotek, Mike worked as a consulting manager at HP. He began his career as a hardware design engineer and software developer at Martin Marietta Energy Systems.
Develop ITSM Cloud Strategies

How To Develop ITSM Cloud Strategies For Your Business

By Mike Alley | March 17, 2014

Develop ITSM Cloud Strategies How to develop ITSM strategy that extends all the way to the cloud and drives business objectives as well as technology advances. If you are like most IT organizations, you probably already have some kind of

Develop ITSM Cloud Strategies

Why You Need ITSM Onboard Before You Take Off To The Cloud

By Mike Alley | February 18, 2014

Why You Need ITSM Onboard Before strapping themselves into the cockpit of a jet airplane, most reasonable people would want to have a pretty detailed idea of what was involved in flying a plane. They’d want to know how the