Pallavi Sharma

Pallavi is a technology leader with fourteen years of experience in conceptualizing and engineering products. She currently works at Intel and owns programs for UX and performance enabling on Intel consumer devices for worldwide partners where she defines and drives product strategy and execution for UX, power and performance on Intel Architecture based devices. She is reputed as an industry expert, speaker, author, and mentor in platform power and thermal management, user experience evaluations, benchmark and performance analysis, and competitive analysis for mobile technologies, system-on-chip & operating system architectures. Her primary product focus includes connected devices, tablets, smartphones, consumer wearables and internet of things. Since 2014 she is an advisor to Manora Labs, a cloud consulting startup based out of Silicon Valley. Pallavi holds an MS in Computer Engineering from Santa Clara University, CA. She is also an appointed Commissioner for the City of Saratoga, CA.

The Cloud Above Our Home

By Pallavi Sharma | November 25, 2014

Our Home – Moving All Things Into The Cloud The promise of a smart home had excited the imagination of the movie makers long ago. If you have seen any TV shows in the nineties or before, the interpretation presented