Richard Thayer

Richard currently is the Director of IT for OSG, an International IS/IT Company based out of Irving, Texas USA. With over thirty years of hands on experience, and 16 vendor certifications, he directs and/or assists many Fortune 500 companies in the direction of Cloud, Infrastructure and Migrations. He is a professional speaker and author of both Science and Non Fiction.

Are You Sure You Are Ready For The Cloud? SDI

By Richard Thayer | December 24, 2015

Software Defined Infrastructure Well, we have come full circle with this string of subjects; about making sure you are ready for the cloud. We have talked security, storage, access, connectivity and feasibility to name a few. Now, lets discuss SDI.

Software Defined Networking

Utilizing Software Defined Networking (SDN)

By Richard Thayer | November 17, 2015

What Is Software Defined Networking? Winding down this year, we only have a couple of topics left: SDNs and SDI. Although SDNs are part of a solid SDI, we want to talk directly about it now. Many cloud management tools

Are You Sure You Are Ready For The Cloud: Security

By Richard Thayer | October 19, 2015

Cloud Security For the last several months, we have been discussing ways to make sure you are ready for the next step in your IT evolution: Cloud. When review the different steps of making sure you are ready, one that

Are You Sure You Are Ready For The Cloud?: Cloud as a Datacenter

By Richard Thayer | August 27, 2015

Cloud as a Datacenter Through my job as a Cloud Architect during the day, I run into a lot of scenarios that I think would be important to write about. Not that they are of major importance to others, but

Are You Sure You’re Ready For The Cloud?: Connectivity

By Richard Thayer | July 21, 2015

Cloud Connectivity Many times when we think of “cloud” we think of the elastic compute and storage, but we forget one very important thing, connectivity. Even though connectivity is no part of the cloud itself, it does have a direct

Are You Sure You Are Ready For The Cloud: Type of Cloud

By Richard Thayer | June 16, 2015

Type of Cloud Continuing this theme on “Are you ready for the Cloud”, we are going to move forward with a new question: What type a cloud? That can be encompassed with many different connotations. It could mean it’s going

Methodically Plan Your Cloud Design First

By Richard Thayer | May 18, 2015

Are You Sure You Are Ready For The Cloud: Design For the last few months, we have been discussing getting ready to go to the cloud. We have covered topics such as Financial and Business Security reasons. We have even

Are You SURE You Are Ready For The Cloud? Cloud Readiness

By Richard Thayer | April 13, 2015

Cloud Readiness Over the last three months, we have discussed the reasons why you may have wanted to move to the cloud.  Maybe the decision wasn’t yours to be made in the first place?  Either way, you are now getting

Are You SURE You Are Ready For The Cloud?: Security of Business

By Richard Thayer | March 10, 2015

Cloud Business Security Last month I went into the financial side of moving to the cloud. This month I am going to focus on the other main reason I have seen customers migrate to the cloud: Security of business. When I

Are You SURE You Are Ready For The Cloud?: Financial

By Richard Thayer | February 9, 2015

Are You Cloud Ready In my previous article, I discussed several different points about moving to the cloud. A lot of companies do it for many reasons, but the majority of them in my experience normally come down to two

Are you SURE you are ready for the cloud?

By Richard Thayer | January 13, 2015

Ready For The Cloud? For several years now, people and organizations have been slowly but surely moving their data and applications to the cloud. Whether it is a local private cloud, Hybrid or a fully hosted one, they all have