Steve Prentice

Steve Prentice is a project manager, writer, speaker and expert on productivity in the workplace, specifically the juncture where people and technology intersect. He is a senior writer for CloudTweaks.

The Lurking Threat Called Passivity

By Steve Prentice | February 22, 2016

The Lurking Threat What is lurking inside your company’s systems that is making them vulnerable to attack? Hacking, phishing and other types of attacks are often considered to be externally driven, with gangs of anonymous hackers operating from halfway around


Security: The Goodwill Virus That Keeps On Giving

By Steve Prentice | February 11, 2016

The Goodwill Virus When Caitlyn Jenner officially introduced herself to the world by way of a Vanity Fair cover story in June 2015, the event was unique not only for the groundbreaking content but in the way it was produced.

Hybridization: A Mindset Approach

By Steve Prentice | February 3, 2016

The Social Data Cloud One of the most amazing attributes of the cloud and its related technologies is its sheer openness. New companies and ventures spring up daily, fueled, in some cases, by one single good idea. They launch first

Hybridization: The Executive Roundtable

By Steve Prentice | January 27, 2016

Hybridization When discussing migration to the cloud, the use of hybrid cloud and all other cloud-related issues, people generally place the focus on the technology itself. What sometimes gets overlooked is the group of individuals who are — or at

The Soft-Edged Cloud: A Security Challenge

By Steve Prentice | January 13, 2016

The Cloud Security Challenge The use of the term “cloud” to describe global, offsite, computing and storage technology is apt for a number of reasons; not all of them good. The metaphor succeeds largely when people visualize their data hovering

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Video Meetings And The Face To Face Conundrum

By Steve Prentice | December 17, 2015

The Face To Face Conundrum Meetings have been a scourge on business productivity for many decades. British comedy genius John Cleese released a corporate training film back in 1976, entitled Meetings, Bloody Meetings, which not only became an instant classic,

Competing Cloud Security Demands Call For Credentialed Professionals

By Steve Prentice | December 11, 2015

Cloud Security Demands Call For Credentialed Professionals It is not possible to stare with absolute clarity into the future. None of us has a crystal ball. But there is certainty in knowing that the path to progress on which our

The Surge Pricing Model And Free Market Economics

By Steve Prentice | December 8, 2015

From Surge Pricing To Surge Payments In a very short period of time, Uber has emerged as a world-changing business philosophy that goes well beyond cars. It represents a new approach to crowdsource-based, on-demand service. It is changing the way

Top 10 Machine Learning Algorithms

The Blended Mindset – Converging Through The Screen

By Steve Prentice | December 7, 2015

The Blended Mindset It has been a long time since a phone was just a phone. In fact, people start to show their age when they refer to their device as a “cellphone.” It is far more than that. The

The True Dangers Of Allowing Social Media In The Workplace

By Steve Prentice | November 24, 2015

Social Media In The Workplace Would you let your employees use social media on company time? The response to this question is usually an emphatic no. The reasons given make sense, at least on the surface: “People are here to


What I Have Learned: Cloud Security Insights From CCSP Pros

By Steve Prentice | November 23, 2015

Cloud Security Insights From CCSP Pros The age of cloud security gives rise to the somewhat mixed metaphor of a cat and mouse game played out on shifting sands. Cloud security professionals face a multidimensional conundrum as they try to


Cyber Security: An Ounce of Prevention

By Steve Prentice | November 19, 2015

Cyber Security Awareness A new breed of technologies now exists that takes snooping to a completely new level. Launched from ads broadcast on TV, or appearing inside or alongside a web page on your computer, they send out an inaudible