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Behind the Rise of China’s Facial-Recognition Giants

By Wired | September 3, 2019

Megvii, one of four highly valued Chinese facial-recognition startups, has filed for an IPO. Most of its revenue comes from surveillance and security systems. Unfamiliar faces aren’t welcome at Beijing public housing projects. To prevent illegal subletting, many have facial


Elon Musk: Humanity Is a Kind of ‘Biological Boot Loader’ for AI

By Wired | September 2, 2019

On Wednesday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Alibaba cofounder Jack Ma took the stage at the World AI Conference in Shanghai to debate artificial intelligence and its implications for humanity. As expected, Ma took a far more optimistic stance than Musk.


Everything We Know About the Capital One Hacking Case So Far

By Wired | August 30, 2019

A new indictment against alleged Capital One hacker Paige Thompson includes a few fresh details about the case At the end of July, the FBI and Capital One disclosed that the bank had suffered a massive data breach just a


Jeffrey Epstein and the Power of Networks – Wired

By Wired | August 27, 2019

Anyone who took money or accrued influence from accused child rapist Jeffrey Epstein, who died of an apparent suicide in jail, should give that money back. Or they should donate an equivalent amount to someone who will help people with


Facebook’s Voice Transcripts Were More Invasive Than Amazon’s – WIRED

By Wired | August 17, 2019

The tail end of the Defcon hacking conference this week saw a remote car-start dongle and app that could have been hacked to steal cars, along with a drone hacking a smart TV. Oh, also, researchers have found a way


Hackers Could Decrypt Your GSM Phone Calls

By Wired | August 11, 2019

MOST MOBILE CALLS around the world are made over the Global System for Mobile Communications standard; in the US, GSM underpins any call made over AT&T or T-Mobile’s network. But at the DefCon security conference in Las Vegas on Saturday, researchers


This Teen Hacker Found Bugs in School Software That Exposed Millions Of Records

By Wired | August 10, 2019

A FEW SHORT decades ago, the archetypal hacker was a bored teenager breaking into his school’s network to change grades, à la Ferris Bueller. So today, when cybersecurity has become the domain of state-sponsored spy agencies and multibillion-dollar companies, it may be refreshing


The Terrible Anxiety of Location Sharing Apps

By Wired | July 28, 2019

IT’S 1:30 IN the morning and I’m pretty sure my girlfriend is dead. She went out with friends after work to celebrate somebody’s birthday. I opted to stay in and go to bed at a decent hour because I have work


Everyone Wants Facebook’s Libra to Be Regulated. But How?

By Wired | July 18, 2019

Everyone from President Trump to Representative Maxine Waters (D-California) says Libra, Facebook’s planned cryptocurrency, should be heavily regulated. But nobody seems to know how—including Facebook. That much was clear in the often muddled questions of legislators who hauled in Facebook


‘Mirror Worlds’ Creator Wants to Displace Facebook—With Blockchain

By Wired | July 6, 2019

David Gelernter’s giant macaw, Ike, has taken a tumble. One moment he was there, offering agreeable squawks as Gelernter spoke, and then, in a flash of lightning, he wasn’t. Ike is fine, the 64-year-old Yale computer scientist assures me, simply


Wired: The Biggest Cybersecurity Crises of 2019 So Far

By Wired | July 5, 2019

Biggest Cybersecurity Crises of 2019 Six months of 2019 are on the books already, and certainly there have been six months’ worth of data breaches, supply chain manipulations, state-backed hacking campaigns, and harbingers of cyberwar to show for it. But


Senators Want Facebook to Put a Price on Your Data. Is That Possible?

By Wired | June 26, 2019

IN THESE DAYS of anti-tech ire, it’s a popular cocktail hour topic: How much is Facebook making off my data? Last year, I spent a month trying to find out, hawking my personal data on blockchain-based marketplaces. I came away with $0.003.