Kayla Matthews

Online Lottery Scams Are Unfortunately Alive and Well

By Kayla Matthews | August 15, 2019

Fake Lottery Scams Are Alive and Well: What to Look For You’ve just won $50,000! Or, perhaps you qualify to go on a ’round-the-world cruise or drive away in a brand-new car. No matter the prize, it will always seem

MIT tech review

MIT – Facebook paid people to listen to voice recordings, too

By MIT Technology Review | August 14, 2019

It’s the fifth big tech company forced to admit to the practice this year. The news: Facebook paid contractors to listen to, and transcribe, audio clips generated by people using its Messenger app, according to Bloomberg. They were not told where the

David Friend

Cloud Evolution – Why Multi-Cloud Will Win

By David Friend | August 14, 2019

Why Multi-Cloud Will Win When I was growing up in the 1970’s, IBM ruled the roost in corporate data centers. If you walked into a typical data center, nearly every piece of gear had an IBM logo on it and

Brian Krebs

SEC Investigating Data Leak at First American Financial Corp

By CloudBuzz | August 13, 2019

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is investigating a security failure on the Web site of real estate title insurance giant First American Financial Corp. that exposed more than 885 million personal and financial records tied to mortgage deals

Verizon sells Tumblr just two years after acquiring social network

By CloudBuzz | August 13, 2019

Verizon is selling Tumblr, just two years after buying the social network as part of its tumultuous $4.48bn Yahoo acquisition. Founded in 2007 as one of the first “microblogging” services, Tumblr has been acquired by Automattic, the web services company


This Teen Hacker Found Bugs in School Software That Exposed Millions Of Records

By Wired | August 10, 2019

A FEW SHORT decades ago, the archetypal hacker was a bored teenager breaking into his school’s network to change grades, à la Ferris Bueller. So today, when cybersecurity has become the domain of state-sponsored spy agencies and multibillion-dollar companies, it may be refreshing

Louis Columbus

Indeed’s 10 Most Popular AI & Machine Learning Jobs This Year

By Louis Columbus | August 9, 2019

Popular AI & Machine Learning Jobs This Year AI and Machine Learning job postings on Indeed rose 29.10% over the last year between May 2018 and May 2019. Machine Learning and Deep Learning Engineers are the most popular jobs posted

Reuters news

Salesforce to buy Israel’s ClickSoftware for $1.35 billion

By Reuters | August 8, 2019

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – U.S. cloud-based service provider Salesforce (CRM.N) said it signed a definitive agreement to acquire Israeli software developer ClickSoftware for $1.35 billion in cash and shares. Salesforce said adding ClickSoftware, which makes cloud-based field service management software, would


Why Certified Cloud Security Professionals are in Higher Demand Than Ever

By CloudBuzz | August 6, 2019

A new report from Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 42 threat intelligence team titled “Cloudy With a Chance of Entropy” reports that there are at least 34 million vulnerabilities across some of the largest cloud platforms, including Amazon Web Services, Google

John Pientka

Climate Change – Maybe There is a Way Out We Can All Accept

By John Pientka | August 2, 2019

Thinking outside the box using the cloud The seas are rising. The forests are burning. The Midwest is underwater. The UN says we only have 12 years until it’s all over. We must stop using coal and oil, now! No,

MIT tech review

DeepMind’s algorithm can predict serious kidney injury 48 hours before it happens

By MIT Technology Review | August 1, 2019

DeepMind, Google’s artificial-intelligence unit, has created a deep-learning system that analyzes someone’s health records, including information such as vital signs and blood test results, and then predicts the chance of acute kidney injury (AKI). In a paper published in the

Aarti Parikh

What are the Capabilities of the AWS Serverless Platform?

By Aarti Parikh | August 1, 2019

AWS Serverless Platform AWS serverless compute services allow to build and deploy applications on AWS cloud without having to manage the servers. AWS serverless platform enables vendors to deploy cloud solutions without server provisioning, deploying, maintaining and monitoring applications, databases

The Right Time To Move To The Cloud

By Steve Prentice | July 30, 2019

Time To Move To The Cloud Ancient cultures all over the world relied on the phases of the moon and the stars in the night sky to time the planting of seeds and harvesting of crops. We have all heard

Oracle News

Upset and Disappointed: 82% of Consumers Give Brands the Thumbs Down

By Oracle | July 30, 2019

More than a third of those surveyed said they will drop a brand after one bad experience People are upset and disappointed by the experiences brands are providing according to a new study conducted by Oracle in partnership with Jeanne

The Verge

Sites could be liable for helping Facebook secretly track your web browsing, says EU court

By The Verge | July 30, 2019

The European Union’s top court says website owners could face legal risk over Facebook’s ubiquitous “Like” buttons. The Court of Justice of the European Union ruled today that site owners could be held liable for transmitting data to Facebook without


Capital One Says Breach Hit 100 Million Individuals in U.S.

By CloudBuzz | July 30, 2019

Capital One Financial Corp. said data from about 100 million people in the U.S. was illegally accessed after prosecutors accused a Seattle woman identified by Amazon.com Inc. as one of its former cloud service employees of breaking into the bank’s


Tech Job Growth Has Spilled Over to Less Established Markets, According to CBRE’s Annual ‘Scoring Tech Talent’ Report

By CloudBuzz | July 29, 2019

San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle and Toronto rank atop CBRE’s annual grading of tech centers, with Orlando and San Diego among fastest risers Tightening availability of tech talent in leading markets has spurred hiring momentum in smaller and upstart markets


The Terrible Anxiety of Location Sharing Apps

By Wired | July 28, 2019

IT’S 1:30 IN the morning and I’m pretty sure my girlfriend is dead. She went out with friends after work to celebrate somebody’s birthday. I opted to stay in and go to bed at a decent hour because I have work

Facebook and Google Algorithms Are Secret—but Australia Plans to Change That

By CloudBuzz | July 27, 2019

The government is considering limits to big tech’s power over news and advertising markets, and boosts to privacy protections CANBERRA, Australia—Tech giants Facebook Inc. FB -0.48% and Alphabet Inc.GOOG 10.45% ’s Google could have their secretive algorithms policed by a beefed-up watchdog, under what Australia describes as world-first limits

BBC Tech

Marcus Hutchins spared US jail sentence over malware charges

By BBC Tech | July 27, 2019

The British computer hacker who helped stop a major cyber-attack affecting the NHS in 2017 has avoided a jail sentence in the US over malicious hacking charges. In April, 25-year-old Marcus Hutchins pleaded guilty to two charges of making malicious



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