Can Big Data Help Your Team Win The Championship?

By Daniel Price | March 10, 2014

Can Big Data Help Your Team Win? Whilst big data and cloud computing has unquestionably helped streamline and improve business operations, it also has huge potential in the field of elite sport. In sport, just as in business, an increasing

Cloud Computing Setup For Business

Infographic – Disaster Recovery

By CloudTweaks | March 9, 2014

Disaster Recovery Business downtime can be detrimental without a proper disaster recovery plan in place. Only 6% of businesses that experience downtime without a plan will survive long term. Less than half of all businesses that experience a disaster are

2014 Trends: The Hybrid Cloud

By Daniel Price | March 6, 2014

2014 Trends: The Hybrid Cloud Here on CloudTweaks we are always looking to the future, keen to stay on top of any emerging trends as they develop. With that in mind, we published a post in late December of last

Cloud portfolio management

Moving Beyond Cloud Management To Cloud Portfolio Management

By Bret Clement | February 24, 2014

Cloud Portfolio Management Virtually every enterprise will be leveraging a portfolio of public and private clouds – whether by strategy or circumstance. In the 2013 – State of the Cloud survey, RightScale found that larger organizations are choosing multi–cloud (77

The Lighter Side Of The Cloud – Full Of Data

By David | February 21, 2014

How Big Data Is Changing The Film Industry

By Daniel Price | February 20, 2014

Big Data Film Industry The film industry is huge, generating in excess of $520 billion revenue in the USA in 2013. Imagine if this behemoth of the entertainment world could be further refined by taking account of consumers’ preferences, viewing habits

Your Personal Cloud Space

By Scott Andersen | February 3, 2014

My personal cloud…   The concept of the personal cloud is intriguing to me right now. Why? For the most part, it has a lot to do with what people consider to be a personal cloud. Where private clouds are dedicated

Cloud QMS

Improving Product Quality with Cloud QMS

By CloudTweaks | January 27, 2014

Cloud QMS Maintaining product quality is an amiable goal to have. It is, however, easier said than done. It’s likely that if you do have to maintain documentable quality standards, you are working in a government regulated industry rife with

Cloud Buzz Word

Why Reliability Is The Cloud Buzz Word

By CloudTweaks | January 22, 2014

Cloud Buzz Word Any discussion of cloud adoption primarily boils down to two important concerns – data security and cloud reliability. A study conducted by Tata Consultancy Services sometime back revealed some interesting insights – while customers in Europe and

New Year, New Cloud? Managing “Extreme Data”

By David Eisner | January 21, 2014

Managing Extreme Data Companies are familiar with the concept of “big data”; every piece of information they generate from day-to-day business processes or when interacting with customers is considered valuable, so long as these pieces are quickly analyzed and converted

Steve Prentice CloudTweaks

The Advantages Of The Private Cloud For Your Business

By Steve Prentice | January 20, 2014

Advantages Cloud Computing Reduction in email volume Early adopters of cloud-based collaborative apps are learning quickly how much easier it is for team members to post comments in a FaceBook-style conversation thread, instead of sending and receiving hundreds of cc’d

Collaborative Economy – The Death Of “Death By Meeting”

By Steve Prentice | December 17, 2013

Collaborative Economy This is part 1 of a 2 part post on disruptive technologies and the collaborative economy. For decades now, busy working people have struggled with time and tasks in the workplace. Meetings have been especially difficult, in that for

Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics And The Cloud: A Perfect Match?

By CloudTweaks | December 17, 2013

Big Data Analytics Big data analytics can create significant value for businesses. The cloud is the perfect platform to economically generate insights from big data facts. Apple’s recent purchase of Topsy, a Twitter analytics platform, stirred up a storm of

The Lighter Side Of The Cloud – Big Data List

By David | December 6, 2013
What Is Fog Computing?

What Is Fog Computing? A New Concept Of Data Distribution

By CloudTweaks | December 5, 2013

What Is Fog Computing? For the last couple of years there have hardly been any new concepts in cloud computing. But hardly doesn’t mean never. Since the summer of 2013 you might have noticed the appearance of a new trend

Big Data Improve Sales

Democratization and Advanced Services by Hosting Providers

By CloudTweaks | November 25, 2013

Big Data Improve Sales Putting the power of big data into the hands of small businesses can help them to achieve improved results in sales and marketing and in providing the products their customers want most. A number of factors

Using Big Data To Steer A Big Ship

By Steve Prentice | November 18, 2013

Using Big Data to Steer a Big Ship One of the major challenges facing any organization of any size is the need to deal with change. In centuries and decades past, the need to adapt to changing market conditions has

What’s All The Software Defined Fuss About? Busting Myths From VMworld

By Shmuel Kliger | November 13, 2013

Talking with people at VMworld in San Francisco and Barcelona, it was clear that software-defined networking (SDN) and software-defined data centers (SDDC) were a major area of focus for most businesses. These topics are vital to the evolution of virtualization

Evolution Of Big Data

By CloudTweaks | November 8, 2013

Cloud Infographic: Evolution Of Big Data A nice infographic resource provided by IBM called: The Evolution of Big Data.  

10 Steps To Success With The Cloud

By Cloud Syndicate | November 4, 2013

10 Steps To Success With The Cloud The cloud, the trend that appears to be steaming on ahead as the likes of Salesforce, Amazon’s Web Services and Workday continue to gain market value. Utilising cloud services for business has allowed



Big Data and Autism

Can Big Data Help Us Create a Medical Test for Autism?

Big Data and Autism Many mysteries surround autism spectrum disorder. Arguably, one of the largest is how to authoritatively diagnose ...
Kris Lahri

What the Dyn DDoS Attacks Taught Us About Cloud-Only EFSS

DDoS Attacks October 21st, 2016 went into the annals of Internet history for the large scale Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) ...
How prepared are you to overcome the misuse of AI

How prepared are you to overcome the misuse of AI

Overcome the Misuse of AI Have you ever considered that the AI system integrated into your organisation's computing infrastructure could ...
Hitoshi Kokumai

Part 2 – Identity Assurance by Our Own Volition and Memory

Identity Assurance We believe that the reliable identity assurance (See part 1) must be built on three prerequisite principles as ...
Emerging Technologies To Lookout For

Emerging Technologies To Lookout For

Emerging Technologies The entire world is being transformed right before our eyes. Emerging technologies are developing at break-neck speeds, and the ...