How Formal Verification Can Thwart Change-Induced Network Outages and Breaches

By Brighten Godfrey | May 26, 2016

How Formal Verification Can Thwart  Breaches Formal verification is not a new concept. In a nutshell, the process uses sophisticated math to prove or disprove whether a system achieves its desired functional specifications. It is employed by organizations that build

Understanding Data Governance – Don’t Be Intimidated By It

By Isabelle Guis | May 24, 2016

Understanding Data Governance Data governance, the understanding of the raw data of an organization is an area IT departments have historically viewed as a lose-lose proposition. Not doing anything means organizations run the risk of data loss, data breaches and

Business Analytics Vs Data Science

By CloudTweaks | May 23, 2016

Analytics Vs Data Science Big Data continues to be a much discussed topic of interest and for good reason.  According to a recent report from International Data Corporation (IDC), “worldwide revenues for big data and business analytics will grow from

George Foot

Your Biggest Data Security Threat Could Be….

By George Foot | May 23, 2016

Biggest Data Security Threat Your biggest data security threat could be sitting next to you… Data security is a big concern for businesses. The repercussions of a data security breach ranges from embarrassment, to costly lawsuits and clean-up jobs –

Future Data Scientists

It Shortage – Educating Our Future Data Scientists

By Jennifer Klostermann | May 18, 2016

Future Data Scientists Data scientists are one of the many sought-after IT professionals currently enjoying their pick of positions thanks to a general shortage of IT staff. Universities and colleges have created and continue to develop master’s programs attempting to

Leveraging IoT & Open Source Tools

By Jennifer Klostermann | May 17, 2016

IoT and Data Growth Though the data regarding connected devices is anything but cohesive, a broad overview of IoT stats affords a clear picture of how quickly our world is becoming a connected ecosystem: In 1984, approximately 1,000 devices were

Daren Glenister

The Collision of Cloud and Data Privacy

By Daren Glenister | May 11, 2016

Collision of Data Privacy The “cloudification” of everything from data storage to applications to security services has increased the availability of free-flowing data, allowing business to access anything from anywhere. However, it’s raised serious concerns about the security of personally

Cloud Computing and the Medical Field

Breakthroughs in Clinical Trials Utilizing the Power of the Cloud

By Craig Morgan | May 10, 2016

Cloud Computing and the Medical Field Clinical trials play an essential role in the drug development process by effectively demonstrating the efficacy and safety of a pharmaceutical compound. Although lead by scientific endeavor with patient safety and therapeutic benefits in mind,

Brand Identity Technology Trends

Brand Identity Technology Trends Is Now The Crux Of Business

By Daniel Matthews | May 9, 2016

Brand Identity Trends When Tim Cook and Apple pushed back against the FBI’s iPhone hack request, the resulting conflict hit on where we are, and where we’re going, with technology and business. It’s not just about useful tools people can

Will Artificial Intelligence Impact Jobs?

Living In The Industrial $15 Trillion IoT Market

By Jennifer Klostermann | April 26, 2016

$15 Trillion IoT Market The industrial revolution of more than two centuries ago is viewed today as a major turning point in civilization wherein a predominantly agrarian and rural landscape became urbanized and industrial. Though we might imagine these changes


Vibhav Agarwal

Four Tips For Better Information Security In The Cloud

Information Security Businesses are increasingly relying on cloud based application deployments and are open to entrusting their most critical data ...
Target of the Next Big Breach

With Big Data Comes Big Responsibility: How to Avoid Becoming a Target of the Next Big Breach

Avoid Becoming a Data Breach Target Practically every industry relies on Big Data, from education, government, and healthcare to banking, ...
Aruna Cisco

66% Say They’d Switch Vendors in Order to Get an Intelligent Online Meeting Solution

People are getting frustrated with online and video meetings. In fact, according to a recent survey, 85% say they are ...
WordPress Security 101 – Internal Monitoring Systems and Web Hosting

WordPress Security 101 – Internal Monitoring Systems and Web Hosting

Internal Monitoring Systems Securing your WordPress site requires a lot of adjustments, manual or automated. The “manual” mode relies on ...
Chris Gervais

How to Avoid Becoming Another Cloud Security Statistic

Cloud Security Statistic Last year, Gartner predicted that, by 2020, 95 percent of all cloud security failures will be caused ...