Balaji Viswanathan

10 Things To Look For In Your Cloud Service Provider

By Balaji Viswanathan | May 30, 2012

Cloud Service Provider The cloud computing market is exploding with a large number of new entrants. If you are shopping around for a cloud service provider (CSP), here are ten things you should keep in mind. 1. Technical Expertise A cloud

Cloudy Apps: New Challenges And Complexities

By Alex Heneveld | May 29, 2012

Cloudy Apps New technologies often simplify some aspect of life, an aspect which was previously painful. But then, as soon as it is adopted, a technology presents new challenges and new complexities. With cloud computing, you can get a new

Balaji Viswanathan

Disaster Management Checklist

By Balaji Viswanathan | May 24, 2012

Disaster Management Checklist Last week I covered some aspects of disaster management on the cloud. I will continue where I left off and cover more details on the disaster planning part. Here is a checklist of things you must have

Balaji Viswanathan

Best Practices For A Cloud Service Outage?

By Balaji Viswanathan | May 17, 2012

Cloud Service Outage If you are using one of the major CSPs (cloud service providers) you may already be used to major service outages. Amazon EC2, Rackspace, Google Apps and Microsoft Azure have all had their fair share of outages

Balaji Viswanathan

The Top Five Threats To Cloud Computing

By Balaji Viswanathan | May 16, 2012

The Top Five Threats To Cloud Computing With hundreds of enterprises migrating to cloud services every day, it looks like the march to cloud everything is inevitable and unstoppable. However, cloud computing is not without its risks, and in this

Balaji Viswanathan

Cloud Auditing – Making Sure That Your Cloud Works Per Your Expectations

By Balaji Viswanathan | April 24, 2012

Cloud Auditing As cloud computing get increasingly complex and finds use in core enterprise applications, it it time to pay more attention to auditing. Auditing ensures that your cloud installations works per your expecations. The auditing could be done either

Are You Overwhelmed By The Number Of Cloud Services To Manage?

By Balaji Viswanathan | April 23, 2012

Are You Overwhelmed By The Number Of Cloud Services To Manage? The past 2 years have seen a rapid adoption of cloud services among enterprises. CIOs and CTOs were able to convince the CEOs about the business case for cloud

Cloud Service Brokerages

How Cloud Service Brokerages Can Help Manage Your Setup?

By Cloud Syndicate | April 17, 2012

Cloud Service Brokerages Can Help If you are a typical cloud computing client, you might already be using a few cloud service providers for your different applications. Your mail might be hosted with provider 1, CRM with provider 2,  corporate

Cloud Pricing Models Article

Determining The Cost Of The Cloud – How To Arrive There?

By Gopan Joshi | April 12, 2012

Determining The Cost Of The Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) This service model enables user organizations to forgo deployment of new datacenter equipment to handle growing operational needs. Rather, the business obtains needed IT infrastructure – servers, security, storage,

Cloud Pricing Models Article

Cloud signifies a fundamental shift from a traditional model to a more dynamic model

By Gopan Joshi | March 30, 2012

Traditional vs Dynamic Cloud computing is not just a trend. It is changing the way IT organizations drive business value. In a short span of time, cloud computing has changed the way in which businesses and individuals consume computing resources.

Fundamental Elements Of Security

By Florence | March 28, 2012

Fundamental Elements Of Security Cloud security or cloud computing security evolved from information security and includes a wide set of controls, technologies, and policies used to protect the associated infrastructure, applications, and data of cloud computing. It is not related

cloud infrastructure

5 Major Types Of Cloud Infrastructure Options

By art-clean | March 19, 2012

Cloud Infrastructure Cloud computing is not an all-or-nothing option. In the past decade, the industry has matured to a point where there are almost a dozen different options to move your data and processes to the cloud. In this post,

Leveraging a Virtualized Data Center to Improve Business Agility – Part 2

By Winston Damarillo | March 1, 2012

Improve Business Agility – Part 2 Read Part 1… The Micro-Data Center and Converged Cloud It is possible to build a cloud from the myriad services available today in many different ways. But, fundamentally, the goal is to utilize the

HP ‘Master The Cloud’ Event (Toronto)

By Steve Prentice | January 31, 2012

HP ‘Master The Cloud’  Today, HP brought its cloud solutions roadshow to Toronto, bringing some heavy hitters up from the US to explain cloud computing to an interested but very reserved crowd of 700 IT managers, CIOs, and software gurus. The event, held

The Lighter Side Of The Cloud – Defriend

By David | September 29, 2011

Best Practices for Cloud Engineering

By Cloud Syndicate | March 9, 2011

Best Practices for Cloud Engineering Cloud computing is one of the most exciting technology shifts happening in the industry today.  ISVs across the globe have started turning to cloud computing to reduce costs, shorten time-to-market, scale up or down instantly

Cloud Data Migration

Cloud Data Migration: What An ISV Needs To Know

By CloudTweaks | March 8, 2011

Cloud Data Migration Cloud Data migration is not new to ISVs. Data conversion from legacy systems during new implementations is common and so is the data migration during major upgrades. ISVs adopt either manual methods or proprietary tools or resort

What is Utility Computing

Utility Computing vs Grid Computing: Sorting The Differences

By Sourya Biswas | February 1, 2011

Utility Computing  The Pacific Ocean is a water body, but not all water bodies are Pacific Oceans. This may be oversimplifying the situation but you do get the drift. Grid computing and utility computing, though sharing several attributes with cloud



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Driving Transformation? It is possible to predict the future.

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