3D Printing

Innovative New Technologies

Innovative New Technologies To Look For in the Future

By CloudTweaks / May 22, 2017

Innovative New Technologies As with every year in IT, 2017 brings a new batch of different trends and exciting technologies. Digitization is changing markets, from security to robotics from healthtech to 3Dprinting the world is changing with the help of innovative new

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Virtual Reality Healthcare Trends

Virtual Reality Trends and Possibilities in Healthcare

By Jennifer Klostermann / April 26, 2017

Virtual Reality Healthcare Trends Virtual reality tends currently to focus on entertainment and gaming, but it’s a field that’s beginning to show advances into more esteemed areas such as healthcare and medicine. Already high-tech simulations are allowing surgeons and their teams to

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The Necessity of Education in 3D Printing

By Jennifer Klostermann / February 1, 2017

3D Printing Education 3D printing innovations have been steadily moving from imagination to reality in recent years with a solid incline in commercial and industrial use, as well as a significant number of 3D printing devices popping up in homes.

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How Printers Help Hackers Hide In Plain Sight

By Steve Prentice / January 26, 2017

Printers and Hackers Spies and thieves often do their best work by hiding in plain sight. No one suspects the person sipping coffee at the table across from you in the coffee shop – the one who happens to be

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What Futuristic Tech Could Be Coming To Your Home?

By CloudTweaks / January 25, 2017

Futuristic Tech The evolution of the smart home has begun. Smart thermostats, devices that understand you and respond to your biological makeup, smart televisions, your wardrobe and washing machines are just a few of the technologies being adapted into the

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Why Do Television Companies Need A Digital Transformation

By Ronald van Loon / September 9, 2016

Cloud TV Over just a few years, the world of television production, distribution, and consumption has changed dramatically. In the past, with only a few channels to choose from, viewers watched news and entertainment television at specific times of the

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What Futuristic Tech Will You See In Your Lifetime?

By CloudTweaks / July 29, 2016

Futuristic Tech The world and what people can do is increasingly being driven by technology. It has already shaped the world we live in, but over the next few decades it is set to shape the world in ways that

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When Sci-Fi Predictions Come To Fruition

By CloudTweaks / July 22, 2016

Evolution of Technologies To paraphrase science fiction author Arthur C. Clark, those who make predictions about the future are either “considered conservative now and mocked later, or mocked now and proved right when they are no longer around to enjoy

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How Close Are We To Having Mind-Controlled Bionic Prosthetics?

By CloudTweaks / July 6, 2016

Mind-Controlled Bionic Prosthetics In the previous article, I introduced you to the advancements that we have seen to date with 3D-printed bionic prosthetics. In spite of significant advancements in reduced cost and functionality, there is still a lot that needs

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Is 3D Printing The Technological Advancement In Bionic Prosthetics We’ve Wanted All Along?

By CloudTweaks / June 14, 2016

3D Printing Bionic Prosthetics The field of bionic prosthetics is a hot topic in the healthcare industry that has seen a rapid increase in attention and awareness over the past few decades. It is a bold solution to the long-standing

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