3D Printing

The Next Industrial Revolution

By Jennifer Klostermann / September 22, 2015

The Next Industrial Revolution Recently, World Economic Forum discussed the digital future with 800 ICT experts and executives, probing for predictions of trends to come, the timelines we can expect, and the potential impact on society. It’s likely that the

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How To Get Ahead In Drone Advertising

By Scott Andersen / September 16, 2015

Drone Advertising I have written two posts recently here on CloudTweaks about Drones. The first post references the Pizza Delivery Drone, and provides a somewhat comical look at what we may possibly see with future drones. The other post focuses

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Should You Invest In A 3D Printer?

By Jennifer Klostermann / July 24, 2015

Innovation With The 3D Printer 3D printing awareness and application has been growing slowly but steadily for the last decade and it’s clear that its use will not be limited to prototyping for much longer but instead is likely to

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The Future of M2M Technology & Opportunities

By Brent Anderson / June 15, 2015

The Future Of The Emerging M2M Here at CloudTweaks, most of our coverage is centered around the growing number of exciting and interconnected emerging markets. Wearable, IoT, M2M, Mobile and Cloud computing to name a few. Over the past couple

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Reduce Digital Printing Costs

3-D Printing Heralded As New Genesis Of Manufacturing

By Penny Swift / May 21, 2015

3-D Printing And Manufacturing Three-dimensional (3-D) printing, commonly described as a disruptive technology, is positioned as a strong entrepreneurial opportunity for those who understand and embrace its possibilities. Recently predicted as a technology that is going to revolutionize personalized medicine,

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The History Of 3D Printing – From Kidneys To Cars

By Daniel Price / March 19, 2015

The History Of 3D Printing 3D printing, also called additive manufacturing, has been one of the breakout technologies of the last 18 months. People are now clamouring to get involved with the technology, with printable objects ranging from hand-guns to

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Groundbreaking 3D Printing Technology – What The Future Holds

By Jason Sander / March 18, 2015

This Groundbreaking 3D Printing Technology 3D Printing Technology is exciting business and straight out of the pages of the Terminator 2 script, a Silicon Valley start-up called Carbon 3D Inc. have developed a technology that “manipulates light and oxygen” to

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How much are 4D Printers

What is 4D Printing and Could it Change Everything?

By Mojgan Afshari / September 23, 2014

What is 4D Printing? What is 4d printing? Lets start with 3D printing which is formally known as “additive manufacturing”, is being used in an extraordinarily wide range of applications such as human organs, wings of airplanes, nuclear weapons and etc.

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The Future Of Smartwear Technology

The Future Of Smartwear Technology

By Mojgan Afshari / June 24, 2014

The Future Of Smartwear Technology Wearable Technology Recent advances in smart devices and ubiquitous computing devices have fostered a dramatic growth of interest for wearable technology. “Wearable technology is defined as the intersection of the fields ubiquitous computing and functional

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Benefits Of Cloud Printing

By Daniel Price / May 7, 2014

Benefits of Cloud Printing The cloud printing industry has been quietly developing alongside the growth of the wider cloud computing industry. In the consumer market, Google’s Cloud Print service has led the way, while in the professional market providers such

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