Joya Scarlata

Adoption in DevOps has increased over the years

Adoption in DevOps Over the past few years, cloud computing has been evolving at a rapid rate. It is becoming the norm in today’s software ...
Destroying Data In The Age Of Data Multiplication

Destroying Data In The Age Of Data Multiplication

The Age of Data Multiplication We are surrounded by data, whether in our personal or professional lives with digital elements that are constantly being captured ...

The Smart Cloud – Microsoft Wants to Streamline AI Adoption

Microsoft Streamline AI Adoption Artificial intelligence, or AI, has begun to see incorporation into more and more of the technologies we use every day. What ...
Cloud Security Health

Are Smart Pills a Smart Idea for the IoT?

Smart Pills and IoT It stands to reason that the medical industry would be the most likely place for groundbreaking and disruptive tech advancement. An ...
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Developing Security Policies That Incorporate SaaS

Developing Security Policies Implementing cloud computing services and technology means, to most, employing the latest solutions available, taking advantage of high-quality services that would be ...
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Dinesh Varadharajan

The Future of Digital Work: Can You Automate and Humanize at the Same Time?

By Dinesh Varadharajan | December 28, 2021

Automate and Humanize at the Same Time Recent innovations in technology and the COVID-19 pandemic spurred many organizations to embrace automation. This includes incorporating intelligent automation to streamline their workflows. But while organizations are becoming smarter, consumers are asking for

Ronald van Loon

MLPerf- Setting the Standard in AI Benchmarking

By Cloud Syndicate | December 20, 2021

By now it’s evident that artificial intelligence (AI) is the singular most definitive technology of this generation, and it’s powering broad industrial transformation across critical use cases. Enabling this AI-driven transformation hinges on accurate, high performing AI models and model

Manoj Kalyanaraman

Counting on the Cloud in 2022: How the Market Will Evolve

By Manoj Kalyanaraman | December 16, 2021

Counting on the Cloud in 2022 As we close out the year and approach 2022, the new year offers an opportunity to address burgeoning activity on the horizon. The last 18 months have brought significant change, and with it, increased

Jonathan Custance

Soaring energy bills – the catalyst needed to drive IIoT

By Jonathan Custance | December 14, 2021

Soaring energy bills High energy costs put the economic benefits of IoT projects beyond doubt, and they tackle sustainability at the same time, says Jonathan Custance of Green Custard Wholesale gas prices have increased by a factor of 14 since

Dinesh Varadharajan

Detachment Between IT and the Business: How Citizen Development Can Help

By Dinesh Varadharajan | December 13, 2021

How Citizen Development Can Help In our digital age, people can order lunch from their phones and have it delivered in 30 minutes. Citizen development makes work as easy as ordering food from a food app. Citizen developers are non-IT