Big Data

Provider Lock-In

Importance Of Interoperability and the Provider Lock-in

By CloudTweaks | October 15, 2013

Provider Lock-In Provider lock-in is well known obstacle of cloud computing business model. It is characterized by the inability or limited ability to connect to resources that are not part of the selected cloud offer. Migration of application and corresponding

Preventing Disastrous Events Through The Power of Anomaly Detection In Machine Data

By CloudTweaks | September 23, 2013

Anomaly Detection In Machine Data In August, a single server failed and the NASDAQ went down for three hours. In January, GlobalPayments reported that a hack compromising millions of credit card accounts cost them $93 million to recover from. In

Alternative Methods of Storing and Processing Data

The Cloud Provides Alternative Methods of Storing and Processing Data

By CloudTweaks | September 12, 2013

Alternative Methods of Storing and Processing Data It was only a matter of time before businesses turned to alternative methods of storing and processing data. At the rate businesses were expanding, it wasn’t worth storing the data physically and running

Customization Of (ERP) Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

By Cloud Syndicate | September 11, 2013

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Based on statistics, more advisors believe that customization features are no longer found in modern Enterprise Resource Planning systems. Thus, a number of users ponder the functions and benefits that customization offers. After all, customization was

Cloud Classroom

The Education Revolution: Cloud Technology In The Classroom

By Steve Prentice | September 9, 2013

Technology In The Classroom With the back-to-school season now upon us, parents, students and teachers everywhere are once again struggling with the perpetual challenge of making kids job-ready in a high-speed and fast-changing environment. There is little doubt in anyone’s

Bare-Metal Cloud: Meeting The Demand For High-Performance Cloud Solutions

By Gopala Tumuluri | August 26, 2013

High-Performance Cloud Solutions Organizations have been flocking to cloud infrastructure services in an effort to cut IT costs while capitalizing quickly on technology innovations. The driving force is almost always the desire for flexibility, scalability and efficiency. And the cloud

Making Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) And eDiscovery Work For Your Business

By CloudTweaks | July 18, 2013

eDiscovery Policies The latest challenges to your business’ eDiscovery policies and procedures may not be changes in the law but may instead be changes in your employees’ lifestyles: they have smartphones and they want to use smartphones to facilitate their

Cloud Security Vendor

What Should You Look For In A Cloud Security Vendor?

By CloudTweaks | July 18, 2013

Cloud Security Vendor Protecting the security of your cloud data during its transmission, storage, and access is an ongoing, fundamental concern as technology continues to evolve, intrusion possibilities increase, and BYOD becomes more common. Here are the five areas to

How Do You Manage Your Cloud?

How Do You Manage Your Cloud?

By CloudTweaks | July 9, 2013

How Do You Manage Your Cloud? Cloud computing has been around for some time. We’ve all heard of it, we all know what it does and we all understand the benefits it can bring… well most of us. It’s the

Leveraging Agile Development

Leveraging Agile Development With Your DevOp Team

By Abdul Salam | June 17, 2013

Leveraging Agile Development Here are some ways that cloud technology leverages Agile development: Agile took off as a philosophy because the tech industry is simply impatient by nature. What used to take two to three years to develop now only

Migration Cloud

Leading The Analytics Charge

By Sourya Biswas | June 5, 2013

CloudCheckr Over the past few years, there has been an explosive growth in cloud computing, mainly due to the cost efficiencies of its pay-as-you-go model as compared to legacy IT. However, many companies that have migrated to the cloud have

The Cloud Is Killing The PC, And Giving It New Life

By Pete Knight | May 15, 2013

The Cloud Is Killing The PC For several months we have been hearing about the imminent demise of the Personal Computer. After all, new computer sales dipped 14% last year, so surely the industry must be doomed, Doomed, DOOMED! The