Big Data

Q&A With Rob Fox: On-Premise Data, aka “Cloud Cache”

By CloudTweaks | July 16, 2012

On-Premise Data, aka “Cloud Cache” We caught up with Rob Fox, Senior Director of Software Development for Liaison Technologies, about the growing need for businesses and consumers to store and access data in the cloud as quickly as if it

Video May Be Big Data’s Secret Weapon

By Kaamil | July 16, 2012

Video May Be Big Data’s Secret Weapon Big data is all the rage. When someone utters those two words, images of pages upon pages of statistics come to mind. It also conjures up ideas of this data coming together to

Big Data and Autism

Almost 50% Of World Data To Be On The Cloud – Gartner

By CloudTweaks | July 10, 2012

World Data IT research and advisory firm Gartner recently released a statement predicting that roughly a third of the world’s digital content will be stored on the cloud by 2016. This is based on users’ desire to share and access

All Things Apologetic: Cisco Connect Cloud Gets Overhauled

By Humayun | July 10, 2012

All Things Apologetic: Cisco Connect Cloud Gets Overhauled Last week witnessed the networking giant Cisco being exposed to an immense conflagration of criticism from its customers, primarily because of policies pertinent to its novel Cisco Connect Cloud solution. A fresh

Answers To Gartner’s Six Cloud Computing Risks

By Haris | July 5, 2012

Answers To Gartner’s Six Cloud Computing Risks Cloud computing has been the subject of ever-increasing hype. Anything exposed to such publicity is always accompanied by criticism, whether it be constructive or destructive. Gartner, an information technology research and advisory firm,

How Can We Secure Mixed-Cloud Environments?

By Abdul Salam | June 29, 2012

How Can We Secure Mixed-Cloud Environments? There is no doubt as to the benefits that cloud computing brings to businesses around the world. But there is also no question that security is one of the most immediate concerns when moving

Cloud Business 101: Storing The Data

By Jeff Norman | June 27, 2012

Cloud Business 101: Storing The Data You’re new to CloudTweaks — to cloud computing, for that matter — and you want a quick, simple way into the tech trend right now. Well you’ve got it, cloud-curious businessperson. Here’s a primer

Private Cloud Considerations

By Balaji Viswanathan | June 11, 2012

Private Cloud Considerations The private cloud market is getting hot as plenty of advantages to enterprises in industries with higher-level security and compliance requirements are being offered. While the attractions are obvious, it must be noted that private cloud implementations

10 Things To Look For In Your Cloud Service Provider

By Balaji Viswanathan | May 30, 2012

Cloud Service Provider The cloud computing market is exploding with a large number of new entrants. If you are shopping around for a cloud service provider (CSP), here are ten things you should keep in mind. 1. Technical Expertise A cloud

Cloudy Apps: New Challenges And Complexities

By Alex Heneveld | May 29, 2012

Cloudy Apps New technologies often simplify some aspect of life, an aspect which was previously painful. But then, as soon as it is adopted, a technology presents new challenges and new complexities. With cloud computing, you can get a new

Disaster Management Checklist

By Balaji Viswanathan | May 24, 2012

Disaster Management Checklist Last week I covered some aspects of disaster management on the cloud. I will continue where I left off and cover more details on the disaster planning part. Here is a checklist of things you must have

Best Practices For A Cloud Service Outage?

By Balaji Viswanathan | May 17, 2012

Cloud Service Outage If you are using one of the major CSPs (cloud service providers) you may already be used to major service outages. Amazon EC2, Rackspace, Google Apps and Microsoft Azure have all had their fair share of outages