Data Protection Officers

Free Linux Firewalls of 2018

By CloudTweaks / July 11, 2018

A firewall is an important aspect of computer security these days, and most modern routers have one built in, which while helpful, can be difficult to configure. Fortunately there are also distributions (distros) of the free operating system Linux which

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How to Install Nginx with Let’s encrypt and get A+ from SSLLabs Test

By elearning / July 11, 2018

In this tutorial, I will show you step-by-step how to install and configure the Nginx web server with Letsencrypt certificate. This guide will tell you about installing Nginx web server, installing the let’s encrypt tool, generating SSL certificate lets encrypt,

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From Compliance to Revenue Leakage: AI Takes a Wild Ride

By Jennifer Klostermann / March 14, 2018

Eliminating Revenue Leakage As many business leaders already know, artificial intelligence (AI) has stepped out of the pages of science fiction and landed firmly in present-day corporate data centers. The combination of AI, mainstream data extraction technologies and human expertise

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How to Simplify Multi Cloud Complexities Before Adopting

By Jignesh Solanki / January 10, 2018

Simplify Multi Cloud Complexities The enterprise is moving quickly from a single-cloud deployment strategy to one that encompasses multiple clouds. Many organizations pursued a multi-cloud strategy because they were uncertain about cloud reliability. Multi-cloud strategy prevents data loss or downtime

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WordPress Security 101 – Internal Monitoring Systems and Web Hosting

By CloudTweaks / October 25, 2017

Internal Monitoring Systems Securing your WordPress site requires a lot of adjustments, manual or automated. The “manual” mode relies on a wealth of plugins and little tweaks that give you granular control over what you can do, and how much

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cloud computing certification

Why Certification Matters for Cloud Service Providers

By Steve Prentice / October 16, 2017

Certification for Cloud Service Providers As of 2017, the concept of “cloud” has become more of a norm for companies and organizations worldwide. Most now use cloud service providers (CSPs) for some part of their business, and cloud has grown

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Best Practices in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

By David Gildea / August 28, 2017

Best Practices in Disaster Recovery Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and expect to be surprised. While that bit of proverbial wisdom certainly isn’t new, it seems almost tailor made for anyone dealing with disaster recovery (DR) in

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Five Compelling Ways To Use Salesforce Campaigns

By CloudTweaks / August 28, 2017

Salesforce Campaigns Salesforce, commonly known as “The World’s Favorite CRM Software” builds business software on a subscription basis. CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management” and helps a company keep track of their contacts and communication in order to maximize sales

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Leading Multicloud Strategies

Solving the Complexities of Leading Multicloud Strategies

By CloudTweaks / July 26, 2017

Leading Multicloud Strategies To avoid the dreaded cloud lock-in, many organizations are now managing multiple clouds to service their business needs. In fact, IDC recently found that 84% of IT executives surveyed expect to use multiple clouds from multiple cloud providers. It’s a complex

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Is There Still A Place For On-premise Migration Tools In The Cloud?

By Cloud Syndicate / June 21, 2017

On-premise Migration Tools With the popularity of cheap and convenient online migration tools, it’s hard to imagine why there would still be a need for typically outdated and expensive on-premise migration software. But with concerns over cloud security and reliability,

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