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BA apologizes after 380,000 customers hit in cyber attack

By CloudBuzz / September 7, 2018

LONDON (Reuters) – British Airways was forced to apologize on Friday after the credit card details of hundreds of thousands of its customers were stolen over a two-week period in the most serious attack on its website and app. The

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The Promise of the Cisco Hybrid Cloud Platform for Google Cloud, Delivered

By CloudTweaks / September 7, 2018

Many of today’s global enterprises are looking to service providers (SPs) for the infrastructure, platforms and services they need to help them innovate. We’re excited that the Cisco Hybrid Cloud Platform for Google Cloud is now shipping. With it, businesses

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Why Manufacturing is an Attractive Industry for Cyberattacks

By CloudBuzz / September 6, 2018

An estimated 48 percent of UK manufacturers have suffered a cyberattack at some point with half of them incurring financial losses or disruption to their business. Secureworks® research shows that manufacturing is one of the three most targeted industries when it comes

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The Surprising Security Benefits of Moving Collaboration to the Cloud

By Melissa Pallotti / September 6, 2018

Cloud Security Collaboration How Backups, Remote Wipes, and Other Features Keep Your Data Safe By now, you’re probably aware that cloud computing powers a lot of the tools and applications you use every day. But cloud computing isn’t just the

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Remote Patient Monitoring – One of the Most Important Applications of IoT in Healthcare

By CloudTweaks / September 5, 2018

Remote Patient Monitoring The application of IoT in Healthcare services is bringing the paradigm shift in terms of how this industry operates, the accuracy of diagnosis and quality of treatment. It is changing the model from ‘hospital-centric’ to ‘home-centric’, making

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Machine learning the solution to networking problems

By CloudBuzz / September 4, 2018

Computers can now learn to solve networking problems for themselves, a study from the University of Waterloo has found. “There are several challenges in computer and telecommunication networks, such as network security, network management, and traffic engineering,” said Raouf Boutaba,

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Can your network meet the challenges of Office 365?

By Mark Casey / September 4, 2018

Network Challenges of Office 365 Microsoft’s focus on growing commercial adoption of Office 365 in 2018 has resulted in the number of licensed seats growing an average of 29% on a yearly basis for each quarter of fiscal 2018. With

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The Online Gig Economy’s ‘Race to the Bottom’

By CloudBuzz / August 31, 2018

When the whole world is fighting for the same jobs, what happens to workers? You can buy almost any thing you want online—toothpaste, books, plastic devices that allow you to lick your cat. On digital work platforms like Upwork, Fiverr,

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Data Sovereignty: the ONLY truly safe path to avoid Privacy Shield turmoil

By Bill Mew / August 30, 2018

DATA SOVEREIGNTY India is following Russia and others in imposing data sovereignty restrictions that specify that data must remain in country. Meanwhile the European Parliament has called for the suspension of Privacy Shield from 1st September. How should ethical, customer-centric

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Microrobots: Bigger than they seem

By CloudBuzz / August 29, 2018

Using insects as templates, researchers are buildings robots that are very small, very mobile—and very useful. Look down—that tiny creature you’re about to step on may be a robot. We may think of robots as large, hulking, industrial-sized metal monstrosities, up-and-coming medical

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