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Big Data Breaches And What’s Being Done To Mitigate The Problem

By CloudTweaks / September 3, 2015

Big Data Breaches And What’s Being Done It’s clearly evident that big data brings a vast amount of positive aspects to both businesses and consumers. However, it’s important to realize what huge data breaches can mean for both parties. Recent

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Flagship State University To Spend Millions On Cyber Security

By Penny Swift / August 25, 2015

New Jersey’s Flagship State University to Spend Millions on Cyber Security Rutgers University in New Brunswick is to spend up to $3 million on cyber security to prevent hackers crippling the university’s computer networks. This expensive action is in response

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The Lighter Side Of The Cloud – Selfie Mania

By Christian Mirra / August 7, 2015

By Christian Mirra Please feel free to share our comics via social media networks such as Twitter. We fully support the sharing of our comics as long as there is clear attribution (via @cloudtweaks) to the original comic source.  If you are a company

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Cyber Breach Much Worse Than Reported

By Penny Swift / August 6, 2015

US Government OPM Cyber Breach Much Worse Than Reported The much publicized breach at the US government Office of Personnel Management (OPM) in May this year was much more serious than initially reported, in terms of the number of people

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Performance In Cloud Shows Microsoft Has Strong Foundations

By CloudTweaks / July 22, 2015

Microsoft Has Strong Foundations For The Future Results show that Microsoft is still the best choice for resellers adopting their product range for the cloud world Microsoft has recently announced its FYQ4 Earnings Report, which showed the company’s commercial cloud

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 What Is Hosted PBX?

How SIP Trunking Helps Companies Benefit From A VoIP Enabled Phone System

By Glenn Blake / July 16, 2015

How SIP Trunking Helps Companies Benefit From VoIP With more companies opting to use VoIP as their means to make calls, they needed the means to transition their phone system into a more VoIP based communications. The answer to that

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Connected Cars – The Challenges And Benefits

By CloudTweaks / July 16, 2015

The Future Of Connected Cars & IoT  Internet of Things is transforming the automotive world by developing connected car technologies that offer significant benefits to carmakers and consumers alike. Generally, connected cars are meant to reduce traffic congestion, fuel consumption,

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White House Details Its Cybersecurity Efforts For 2015

By Penny Swift / July 15, 2015

Cybersecurity Efforts For 2015 The White House has issued a fact sheet that details its efforts to ensure that cyber defense strategies are meeting the critical cybersecurity challenges currently facing the USA. This is in response to the increased sophistication

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Code42 Appoints Joe Payne As New CEO – Sight On $75 Billion Market Opportunity

By Penny Swift / July 14, 2015

Code42 Appoints Joe Payne As New CEO The US endpoint data protection and security company, Code42 has appointed experienced software-as-a-service (SaaS) executive, Joe Payne as its new president and chief executive officer (CEO). Payne, who has a strong reputation for

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China Drafts New Law To Safeguard Its Cyberspace Sovereignty

By Penny Swift / July 8, 2015

China Drafts New Law State media in China today revealed that its parliament has published a draft law that will “safeguard national cyberspace sovereignty,” as well as “security and development.” It is widely agreed that once accepted, the new law

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