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What Is Really Driving Cloud Adoption?

By Josh Hamilton / June 15, 2017

Driving Cloud Adoption Cloud adoption is growing at an astounding rate, with companies big and small undergoing digital transformation towards cloud computing. In the Gartner 2017 CIO Agenda report, cloud services and solutions was ranked as second among top technology

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Has Cybersecurity Become Too Reactive in this Day and Age?

By Josh Hamilton / June 6, 2017

Cybersecurity Too Reactive? Cybersecurity today has become far too reactive. The constant innovation of hackers has meant that defenses are made up of a patchwork of web application firewalls, end-point protection, data-loss protection, and more. This can lead to a

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Viewing Digital Payments as a Boulevard of Commerce

By Steve Prentice / March 20, 2017

Digital Payments A boulevard is a wide street that runs in two directions and usually has a median in the middle. This is important to remember for anyone looking to build a strategy for payment and commerce in the mobile

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How Printers Help Hackers Hide In Plain Sight

By Steve Prentice / January 26, 2017

Printers and Hackers Spies and thieves often do their best work by hiding in plain sight. No one suspects the person sipping coffee at the table across from you in the coffee shop – the one who happens to be

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Visual Data Analytics Helps To Illustrate The Big Picture

By Jennifer Klostermann / November 29, 2016

Visual Data Analytics We’re consistently hearing how valuable data is today, how important it is to the success of every organization, along with the stats of the exponentially-increasing amounts and sources of data now available. But what most find when

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The Skill & Training Mandates of Big Data

By Jennifer Klostermann / November 8, 2016

Big Data Mandates For some years a dearth of data scientists and analysts has caused concern, with McKinsey expecting a demand for analytical expertise 60% greater than available supply by 2017. Additionally, Gartner predicts a shortage of 100,000 data scientists

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Ransomware’s Great Lessons

By Steve Prentice / September 28, 2016

Ransomware The vision is chilling. It’s another busy day. An employee arrives and logs on to the network only to be confronted by a locked screen displaying a simple message: “Your files have been captured and encrypted. To release them,

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Hybrid IT Matures Just In Time To Tackle Complex Challenges

By Jeremy Daniel / May 26, 2016

Tackling Complex IT Challenges Today’s sophisticated business environment demands a dynamic and robust IT infrastructure which is a far cry from the closed, controlled environments that most IT departments were created to handle. A hybrid IT infrastructure, drawing services from

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AT&T Pinpoints 4 Key Elements To Achieving Security With The Internet of Things

By Jeremy Daniel / March 4, 2016

Internet of Things Security The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly becoming a part of many of our business processes, often without us even noticing how quickly things are changing. And while it’s liberating to realize that many of the

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Internet Performance Management In Today’s Volatile Online Environment

By Jeremy Daniel / February 16, 2016

Internet Performance Management It’s no exaggeration to say that the Internet is now the heart of the global economy. Competition is intense and the performance of an organization’s web-based assets can make or break its future. Business continuity, which is

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