blockchain credit security

Is blockchain a solution for credit security?

By CloudTweaks / December 11, 2017

Blockchain Credit Security In the last 30 years, FICO scores were considered a reliable solution to measure creditworthiness and attach a risk score to each applicant. As the sub-prime mortgage crisis of 2008 proved it, this system was neither accurate

First Things First. What Are Microservices?

By CloudTweaks / September 27, 2017

Innovation with Microservices Microservices are an engineering approach and architectural style of computing that is becoming extremely important for organizations wanting to innovate through a stronger engagement with their ecosystem of customers, suppliers and partners. To explain them should it

Fintech Infographic: The Unicorns are Spreading Swiftly Around the Globe

By CloudTweaks / February 9, 2017

Unicorn Acceleration If you’ve been following the 27 unicorns who are swiftly adding value to the world of finance, this latest infographic will be a treat for you. It’s impossible to ignore the fact that the 4 largest fintech unicorns

cloud challenges

Big Data and the Exciting Technologies To Look Forward To

By CloudTweaks / February 7, 2017

Big Data and Exciting Technologies While the previous year had some exciting changes to Big Data, it only forces us to look forward and envisioning what new exciting offerings are just around the corner. Building off the momentum of 2016,

Financial Robo-advisors Cannot Replace Humans

By CloudTweaks / January 10, 2017

Financial Robo-advisors Last year we saw the rise of numerous robo-advisors, bots, and investing robots that are considered a disruptive force within the financial industry. All the media hype aside, these tools have a long way to go before they

Is Data Becoming an Important and Possibly Expensive Form of Currency?

By CloudTweaks / December 19, 2016

Data Currency When we think about currency in the world, we often go the pieces of paper money we all keep in our wallets or the numbers on the screen when we look at our bank accounts online. While this

Is The Fintech Industry The Next Tech Bubble?

By CloudTweaks / May 16, 2016

The Fintech Industry Banks offered a wide variety of services such as payments, money transfers, wealth management, selling insurance, etc. over the years. While banks have expanded the number of services they offer, their core still remains credit and interest.

Ad Infinitum – Internet For Everything

By CloudTweaks / January 19, 2016

Internet For Everything “The hypothesis that a new Internet-for-everything society will come, as it is desired by the fundamentalists, is in fact very weak, not to say improbable” —Philippe Breton Despite what Breton wrote in 2011, small devices across the globe

Trends: The CIO’s Business Card – Chief Productivity Officer

By CloudTweaks / January 12, 2016

The Chief Productivity Officer After years of enterprises hesitating to migrate their applications and data stores to the cloud, it’s safe to say the debate is over and the cloud is here to stay. IDC even goes as far as

The Future of Digital Currency

By CloudTweaks / December 16, 2015

The Future of Digital Currency It may come as a surprise to learn that Bitcoin is only six years old, but has had more media coverage that any other type of currency, although the coverage hasn’t always been positive. Back

Thought Leaders

Fintech Dark Web

An End to Credit Cards? How the Dark Web Is Pushing Fintech Towards Blockchain

Dark Web Pushing Fintech Towards Blockchain As Jennifer Klosterman points out, “There are many strong reasons for reputable businesses to ...
The Growth of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology

The Growth of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology

Distributed Ledger Technology Blockchain, also known as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), is the innovative technology behind Bitcoin. The impact of ...
The Rise of Fintech and the End of Traditional Banking

The Rise of Fintech and the End of Traditional Banking

The Rise of Fintech Developments in financial technology, or fintech, are changing the way we make payments, with new products ...
Transforming The Financial Landscape with Fintech

Transforming The Financial Landscape with Fintech

Fintech and the Financial Landscape Cloud computing is slowly infiltrating the financial industry, and though some of the more cutting-edge ...
Blockchain Potential to Transform Artificial Intelligence

Blockchain Potential to Transform Artificial Intelligence

Blockchain Potential The research on improving Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has been ongoing for decades. However, it wasn’t until recently that ...

Job Outlook

Toronto added most North American tech jobs in 2017, with wages lower than any US hub

Toronto added most North American tech jobs in 2017, with wages lower than any US hub

For the second year in a row, CBRE’s tech talent report found that Toronto is North America’s fastest growing tech ...