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The Cloud & Big Data Fighting Disease

By Jennifer Klostermann / March 3, 2016

Disease Fighting With The Cloud Google has just announced that it’s giving UNICEF a $1 million grant to raise awareness about Zika transmission, a virus spreading across South America and beyond that leaves 80% of those infected without any symptoms. First

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5 Medical Tech Advancements That Are Revolutionizing The Industry

By Cloud Syndicate / March 3, 2016

Medical Tech Advancements Medical professions are regarded as the noblest ones out there, and for a good reason. Numerous lives are being saved every day, and judging by the latest technological developments in the medical field, those numbers will only

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Lessons Learned From Recent Cloud Security Debacles

By Cloud Syndicate / February 25, 2016

Recent Cloud Security Debacles Just as cloud computing is on the rise, so are cloud security threats, and they should be on the top priority list of every organization that has embraced cloud-based services. Incidents of cybercrime are being reported

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Destroying Cloud Data In The Age Of Data Multiplication

By Evelyn de Souza / February 16, 2016

The Age of Data Multiplication We are surrounded by data, whether in our personal or professional lives with digital elements that are constantly being captured about us. This leads to exponentially increasing volumes of data whether from Internet-connected devices, video,

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Managing Cloud Applications Among The Business Regulations

By Dean Wiech / February 15, 2016

Managing  Cloud Business Regulations Cloud applications must be managed in a way that complies with the many different government standards in the United States. As more cloud applications are being implemented in businesses of every industry, companies need a way to

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Wearable Tech And Employee Well Being

By George Foot / December 18, 2015

The Key To A Healthy Business Wearable tech has effectively rewritten the terms and conditions of employee wellness programs. Organizations can now give employees fitness trackers as part of wider policies, using the data gathered over a given period to

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Vendors To Enter The Cyber Security Game

By Cloud Syndicate / December 8, 2015

IT Regulatory Compliance as the Next Big Focus for Cloud Vendors Back in October 2014, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) submitted a public request for information, calling for the assessment of the marketplace’s ability to “provide cloud ecosystems and services

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3D Printing Growing Traction In The Healthcare Field

By Jennifer Klostermann / November 3, 2015

3D Printing In The Medical Arena According to the BBC, Carnegie Mellon University researchers are exploring advanced uses of 3D printers: printing with biological materials. Having adapted a low-cost MakerBot 3D printer for their purposes, it’s hoped that their work

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Engagement Through Password Literacy

By Steve Prentice / October 8, 2015

Citizen Engagement Literacy The term “engagement literacy” is not commonly-used at this moment, but it is a concept that bears greater attention in an age where personal data is king. Citizens and consumers now provide two currencies to the retailers

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5 Things A Cloud Provider Should Offer – Part II

By Marc Malizia / September 28, 2015

5 Things A Cloud Provider Should Offer Part II I recently posted an article for the CloudTweaks community on “Cloud-Enabled Managed Hosting: 5 Things a Cloud Provider Should Offer” and many readers have since asked me to expand upon this

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