Digital Transformation: Not Just For Large Enterprises Anymore

By Daren Glenister / June 23, 2016

Digital Transformation Digital transformation is the acceleration of business activities, processes, and operational models to fully embrace the changes and opportunities of digital technologies. The concept is not new; we’ve been talking about it in one way or another for

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Is 3D Printing The Technological Advancement In Bionic Prosthetics We’ve Wanted All Along?

By CloudTweaks / June 14, 2016

3D Printing Bionic Prosthetics The field of bionic prosthetics is a hot topic in the healthcare industry that has seen a rapid increase in attention and awareness over the past few decades. It is a bold solution to the long-standing

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Birth of Modern Computing Then & Now

By Jennifer Klostermann / June 8, 2016

Modern Computing From as early as the onset of modern computing, the possibility of resource distribution has been explored. Today’s cloud computing environment goes well beyond what most could even have imagined at the birth of modern computing and innovation

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The Cancer Moonshot: Collaboration Is Key

By Daren Glenister / June 1, 2016

Cancer Moonshot In his final State of the Union address in January 2016, President Obama announced a new American “moonshot” effort: finding a cure for cancer. The term “moonshot” comes from one of America’s greatest achievements, the moon landing. If

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Breakthroughs in Clinical Trials Utilizing the Power of the Cloud

By Craig Morgan / May 10, 2016

Cloud Computing and the Medical Field Clinical trials play an essential role in the drug development process by effectively demonstrating the efficacy and safety of a pharmaceutical compound. Although lead by scientific endeavor with patient safety and therapeutic benefits in mind,

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Reasons Why Sensor Technology May Not Be Ready For Wearable Devices

By Ritika Tiwari / April 18, 2016

Sensor Technology Imagine a distant future where instead of carrying your phone and your laptop every day with you, all you would have to do is wear a silicon chip which would be glued to your skin. Its power would

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Infographic: How Wearables Are Revolutionizing Health Care Services

By CloudTweaks / April 11, 2016

Wearable Technology for Healthcare The consumer eHealth and health insurance industry is set to have a major focus on wearable technology with the benefits it can provide to both consumers and health care providers. 1 in 5 American’s now owns

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Internet of Things Day

How the Internet of Things will change your life

By CloudTweaks / April 7, 2016

Internet of Things Day This Saturday 9th April, it’s global Internet of Things day. A day where people around the world come together at events to talk about and debate the future and what the Internet of Things means for

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The Evolution Of The Connected Cloud

By Scott Andersen / March 11, 2016

The Connected Cloud Cloud computing is interesting first, but not only, because of the prevalence of cloud projects. There are many of them launched every day. Some have lofty expectations for business benefits (cost saving of 20 percent or more)

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Medical Professionals Face Unique Challenges Using The Cloud

By Leo Welder / March 10, 2016

Medical Professionals Using The Cloud The presence and value of Cloud tools have seeped into virtually every industry, and the medical profession is certainly no exception. However, because of the special rules regarding patient privacy, specifically those found in HIPAA,

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